From Junk To Cashify- Value Enabled Reselling

We old people love to hold. We hold old memories, clothes and even gadgets. It is not that we gain any economical advantage by doing so..It is just about the memories.

While these things add to the memories, they also add a lot to the clutter. And I have a load of clutter at my home which includes old computers, laptops, gadgets and even mobile phones. yes mobile phones as if I am going to put an exhibition someday displaying the anthropological mobile to 1G to 2G to latest in technology.

Long back, a relative of mine told me about this “potliwale baba” who would often visit people’s house to collect [buy antics] and would give a good price in lieu. I waited for this potliwale baba to come. But Alas! he remained as true as a Myth.

The old gadget not just added to my clutter but were difficult to manage. I tried to dispose them. If I have to trade them against carbon credit, I am sure to be among top 5 in country in individual capacity to claim a chunk of the credit.

It is high time, I need to get rid of the unused, old electronic equipments from my home including those mobile phones.

Soon I started scripting my “disposal strategy”. Top in my list were my ancient TV set including the shut/open door black & white ETV and some push to talk mobile phones that I wasn’t using any longer. More than the Japanese art of waste management, it was my daughter’s threat to not give me new handsets unless I dispose off the old ones. “Give them to your maid baba in case if they want to use those outdated models” she used to say. “At least you can coordinate with them for the work and schedules”.

Strategy no 1: Maid-en attempt

I often complained to my maid for not giving me acontact number to reach her in case of communicating an important message regarding the work or timings. My maid always complaint about not having enough money to buy a phone. I called my house maid next day and gave her the phone. She looked at the phone from all the sides [a 360 panaroma view], asked which brand it is and made faces when I answered her that it is not a 4G enabled handset but a 3G one.

Her stance changed immediately from “I am too poor to afford a basic phone” to “you are too poor to give me a 4G phone”. Thanks to my stars that though with heavy heart, she took the phone and promised to get a new sim. Next day she came with a new sim and VIP type of number and I saw her happily distributing her new number to all and sundry. It was a good week but succeeding week, she would often come late for work or come asking money to repair XYZ in the phone. Sometimes it is mobile screen, sometimes it was bluetooth. Often he would be chatting non-stop on phone during work and leave work citing timing issues.

Giving her a phone was a bad idea indeed. I am ok to lose an oldset but not so ok to lose maid. You know how tough is it to get a maid these days.

Strategy no 2: Raddiwale Bhaisaheb

It was like a miracle when the Raddiwale bhai came asking if I have a spare handset to sell him. I proudly shown him my Samsung handset that I bought for a shitload of money but could barely used for few months. It was very magnanimous for him to quote a best deal “na mera na aapka” for Rs 500 for the phone that could have easily sold for Rs 5000 and plus. I asked him to look for a fallen zero in the old newspaper. he did not understand the sarcasm but I understood the importance of having a right platform to sell/buy handsets at a more reasonable and hassle free price.

Strategy no 3: Cashify,in

I got 3rd time lucky. This time I chose to go digital/app way. I have often seen on tv, different ads on quick selling via website. I have heard so many negative feedback about these website as to how they hard negotiate the price brining even the street paddlers to the shame. I was already nervous and this made me further apprehensive to try them. Given my limited skills with Internet and Computing, I relented for a good long month till I heard about

About Cashify in

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.43.00 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.43.19 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.43.30 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.43.42 PM

Thappad se Darr nahi lagta, low evaluation se lagta hai



I was apprehensive about going online, and then I saw this video-

So, I logged to the Cashify website and uploaded my request. You can give it a try too. Do not forget to use COUPON CODE-  CLEANCASH to avail additional Rs 250 on sale of your gadget.

So chalo cashify karo, Digital Savvy bano!



#CleanAirBeautifulHomes with Atmos Royale

There is a silent killer in your house, beware!

It is Called Indoor Pollution and it is 5 Times higher than the Outdoor Pollution!

It has the ability to affect your health, body and cause you various diesease like Flu, Cough and Cold, allergies, Asthama, nausea and even infertility!

What The…Pollutant!


Hell Yes!


Well, NO!


Not Actually!

So, Do tell me more!

Image result for indoor pollution

Indoor Pollution

It refers to the contamination in air inside our house, commercial buildings like workplace, restaurants etc. Any space that has close confines and airtight designs, is prone to fall prey.  Not that structures invites it on their own. This happens largely due to our/human negligence towards healthy and natural living, and our growing dependance on AC and other Lifestyle related disorders.

The indoor pollution consists of harmful presence of physical, chemical and biological substances in the air including odours, chemical fumes and other fumes.

Oh no! Looks like a warfare, attacking from all the sides!

Yeah! But You have enough tools to combat

Oh I would like to nip it at the bud!

Oh bud! That gives me some ideas…But before, I must tell you more about the Indoor Pollutants.

Types of Indoor Pollutants

You may not believe but all these causes an alarming environmental threat. they are-

  • Dust, molds, pollens, dust mites,
  • carbon monoxide
  • Radon
  • Odours
  • pet dander
  • bacteria and viruses
  • Household cleaners
  • exhaust n fumes
  • smoke
  • pesticides
  • Lead & Asbestos


Image result for indoor pollutionTop causes of Indoor Pollutions

  1. Fumes during cooking in kitchen
  2. Excessive chemical detergents and other cleaning agents
  3. Unhygienic living
  4. Not taking good care of Pets
  5. Lack of Fresh Air circulation
  6. Too many artificial substances like carpets
  7. Too Many Formaldehydes
  8. Wet Upholestry, unclean carpets

Did you said Pets? But I Love pets! How can those innocent creatures cause pollution?

If you take your pup out for a ride

and let them play on dirt and grime

dogs do not wear shoes

and their paws gets dirty.

Dirty paws can bring lots of germs and bacterias that are filthy.

You must own a pet

You must take them out for a ride

but you must also clean them well

before you take them inside!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

What man, what house and what dogs!

Tips to Fight Indoor Pollutants

A stitch at times saves nine. Hence, you need to tend to these issues right from start. Remember-

“One small step of Man was a giant leap for mankind” Neil Armstrong

You can take small steps towards safety from Indore Pollution like-

  1. Keep your house well-ventilated
  2. It is time to use right electronical equipments for right purposes and avoid excessive usage of any.
  3. Clean every nook and corner on regular intervals
  4. Invest in good wall paint that can absorb the moisture and prevent formation of any moulds- one of the largest indoor pollutant.

Talking about the paint, I was reminded of this smashing new ad by Asian Paints featuring Deepika Padukone. Have you the ad? If not, watch now!

So, the Paint sounds interesting? Why not, it offers quite a health benefit. To know more about these paints, visit their website:


My Asymmetrical Wooden Sofa

The New Age Design,

the renaissance of thoughts

drives me in

crave me for more.

Can’t stop the craving

I went to the shop.

bought myself an asymmetrical sofa

in bare wood tone.


It has a simple design,

yet detailed to the core.

I perch on it with my book

companions of the yore.


Dealing with Depression

How do you deal with Vapid, unhinged morning? You sit at a corner, reflect the sufferings and moan OR you want to get over it?

Well, I choose to wear my apron and deal with it. Let’s cook some awesomeness for self. When life gives you lemons, make a tangy cocktail and sip with indifference!




Glow Girl, Go Girl!

Play the music

Follow the rhythm,

Rasp your worries

and embrace your freedom.

Glow, Glow you girl!

Glow in your incandescence

Glow in your eternal confidence,

Glow in your strong-willed Radiance!


source: Joana Dagge Photography


Life may not be fair but when you want to achieve something, you need to keep going. It does not matter what you have today. Important thing is what you can become. So work on your capabilities and turn the cliche upside down. A beautiful life awaits you. Be determined and do not let the social taboo scare your capabilities. Remember, God always support when you have goodness on your side. So be good, be graceful and keep glowing.

Catch Up On Your Child’s Lost Growth with Horlicks Growth+

Children and Nutrition

Being a mother of three children with three different personality traits, choices and taste was not easy. It is still not easy though even they have grown up to adults. However, as a mother I felt responsible and very concerned with their upbringing and nutrition at the initial age when they were kids and on the growth path.

My biggest concern was their food. As food plays the primal most role in adding nutrition which aides in a child’s well-being and proper growth. Husband and I were very attached to kids and like any parents, we wanted nothing but the best and the unique for kids. Whether it was toys, cloths, chocolates, we bought the best thing from around the world for them. Our children were growing and growing very organically, thanks to our due diligence with regard to their food, exercises and all. However, there comes a period when feeding a child becomes a strenuous task no thanks to their new found habits or non tolerance to a large coupe of food from the balanced diet. My sons would abhor green leafy vegetable and would want only potatoes in their vegetable.

As kids it worked for them as they were high on energy and on proper growth path. I was more concerned about their future or teenage as I wanted to prepare my kids with good nutrition that will help them combat the ever increasing pressure of education, physical requirements of daily life including sports etc and unavoidable competition.

Educating your child beyond ABC

Our children thankfully were good at their academics and were loved by their teachers and friends. However, their lack of dietary inclination worried me a lot. They would refuse to eat regular meals including the milk. This new found taste bud left me deeply concerned and I would not like to nag them either. Our insistence for food often fall deaf on their ear until one day when my little one came from his Kindergarten little sad and shocked.

Apparently, one of his friend who was chubby and cute as hell, fell down during the race and was mocked by other children as “baby elephant rolls like football”. The boy was in tears and seeing him crying, my little one was very sad. He refused to have his post school meal as he feared if too would eat a lot and become fatty like his friend. I was amused at his observation and felt it was the time to educate him beyond ABC, educate him deeply about nutrition.

Activity of the Day- Importance of Growth in Children

We have built a small activity room for our kids in the house wherein there was a whiteboard and charts included for some home based training. The room also had this growth chart-



I called my son and his friend and asked them to stand one by one and check if they are growing to right length with the age they are in. I also explained them how they can still catch up on their lost growth by eating/ drinking power food that can power pack their growth. And if they do not catch up on lost growth then they may have to face-

  1. Energy loss
  2. Weakness
  3. Inadequate height and body weight
  4. Difficulties in studies and sports
  5. Poor Personality
  6. Peer Mockery

My teaching did the trick and both the boys vowed to start eating proper food and work upon their growth. Hmph! and you think teaching children on nutrition is so tough? Hmph!


You can also check more on this #CatchOnGrowth subject by an initiative led by Horlicks Growth+