An Untold Story

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Jennifer went to fruits market and stopped at an apple stall. Her casual glance froze at the apples lying behind the glass display. Fresh, red, juicy and all at the economical rate of INR 80 per dozen. She immediately bought half a dozen apple, and then asked for another dozen but end up buying three dozens immediately. “Greed is good” she thought and when the greed is as good as the red apples like these, why not. She returned back to her home. Happy with her prized buy for the days, she took all of them off from the shopping bag and immediately put them in a plastic basket to store them in fridge. “I will bake an apple tart today or juice up a nice apple drink for breakast tomorrow”? She wondered. A peck of dirt on it took her attention and she thought of washing it before keeping in refrigerator. She opened the tap slowly and keep the apple basket down under. A minute gone and she felt some sticky stuff in her hands. There was a red color substance. Shocked, she immediately threw a glance at the apples in basket and found them turning into gooey masses. She was fooled by painted balls of clay. “Greed is good” aha! she thought and laughed at her foolishness of not checking them thoroughly before buying. She tossed the idea of going back to market and take the vendor to task. For it was such a naive idea to expect him stay post his fraud act. “Anyways, I learnt a lesson”, she thought and moved on to make supper for her husband who is due to return home anytime. “Shall I tell him about the same?” She wondered and immediately brushed aside the idea of telling it to her husband and getting mocked for her act. She let the incidence go into her page of- untold stories to him.

The doorbell rang and she hurriedly rush to open the door. As she opened it, she found her husband standing  with a bag in his hands. Surprise! he said. before she could ask anything, he handed her the 6 dozen, red juiciest apple he bought at dirt price, on his way back to home from new fruit stall who sold the goods at cheap for an urgent need of money and saw majority of people swarming the stall to get their packets.  She once looked at the apples and then at her husband, and back and smiled. “Greed is not good”!


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23 thoughts on “An Untold Story

  1. A very realistic everyday happening… stories everyone has sometime or the other hidden from others..great imagination to come up with something so simple & yet real..!
    ATB for BAT

  2. Nice take and good way to explain about greed not being good! You seem to have missed using the phrase ‘An untold story’ in your post completely. Please confirm with the BAT marshalls.

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