How I made Mister crave and shave


रसिक बलमा न जाने, पीर जिया की

की में तो बावरी, नैना बावरी
बावरी पिया की।
मन को भावे वही, तन को वही सुहाए
बावरी बने में फिरूं, सुध-बुध बिसराए
मुरतिया उनकी नैनो में बसाये
सपने संजोए, नैनो को बिछाए
आस लगाये बैठी की सावरिया कब आए
जुल्मी पिया काहे इतना क्यों सताए
कहा भी न जाए और  चुप सहा भी ना जाए
रैना गुज़ारी, राह निहारी
तुझसे लागी नेह, ऐसी लागी  नेह तिहारी
सुकून न तुम बिन कि  में
तेरे दरस की मारी

मगर यह  क्या? प्रेम के बीच में यह दाढ़ी?

( Poem In English)

Rasik Balma, na jaane, peer jiya ki

ki mein to bawri, naina bawri

bawri piya ki.

mann ko bhave wohi, tann ko wohi suhaye

bawri bane mein firoon, sudh bush bisraye

murtiya unki naino mein basaye

sapne sanjoye, naino ko bichaye

aas lagaye baithi ki, saanwre kab aaye

Julmi piya more, kahe itna kyo sataye

kaha bhi na jaye, aur chup saha bhi na jaye

raina guzari, raah nihari

tumse laagi neh, aisi lagi neh tihari

sukoon na tum bin ki mein

 tere darash ki maari

Magar yeh kya? Pyar ke beech mein dadhi?????

Mrs. shied away every time Mr. tried to get cozy. She would release herself and remove away from him on some pretense. He would stand astonish pining for his lady-love but she won’t divulge. It’s then one day Mrs. told him about her reason of abstinence and found a way to get rid of mister’s evening stubble and rest they say they lived happily ever after.

Errr before that, here’s the story-

She says – Honey look what I found in this closet. Your old black & white picture.

He says – Yes, just before our daughter was born. Those were the days. I use to have that French beard.

She says – Yup. You were quite popular with the beard. Thank God you shaved it off

He says – thank God. Why? It was such a lovely French beard. Every one used to admire it. And all the ladies at club were crazy about it.

She says – yeah, they don’t have to sleep with it in night and develop rashes on face like I used to have.

He – Rashes? Well you were actually j and your face used to turn red with jealousy: P

She- well-tried Mister

He- admit it Mrs. that you were jealous.

She- well I was not but if that makes you feel any better, keep thinking. I am off to sleep.

He- I am in no mood to sleep

She- Then don’t. Stay awake whole night, I am off to my land of dreams

He- well, well. Haven’t you taken oath around fire to be with me always? Support me in all my endeavors? What happened to those oaths? Gone with wind or “Seven year itch honey”?

She- well, but beautiful dreams awaits me. Close your eyes and you may feel sleepy too.

He- what if I make some dreams come true and create a fantasy land for you here? (he winked)

She- Ahem ahem, “seven years hitch” honey. You are father of a daughter now. It’s too late to play fantasy-fantasy.

He- It’s never too late honey, we are still young. Let me take you to stars.

She- Ouch, There’s thorn in stars. Your evening stubble hurts.

He- There’s no barrier between us. We men are tough you see. Our beard, facial hairs are macho baby.

She- Really? But men don’t make love to men. So what’s the use of being tough with fair sex?

He- The course of love was never smooth honey.

She- May be but I would like my knight in shining armor to  make it smooth for me. Besides women like their men smooth and clean-shaven. It just up their quotient, you see.

He- You have a point. Besides, what drives you crazy, drives my world too. So if I get rid of this evening stubble, would you be willing to be awake with me whole night under these stars like years hitherto?

She- Yawn, interesting proposal but given that I am so sleepy, think you can really keep me awake till you shave?

He- You betcha! Count 10 and I am in

She- think again you have five minutes

He- Just three minutes honey. Here I am.

She- Ummm I like you aftershave so much that I can spend entire night smelling it

He- well, your time starts now

Both winks and smile at each other.


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