A Split wide closed!

Snip-snip, cut cut. I watched in silent as the hair dresser cut the beautiful long tresses my lovely daughter Sia. It was a warm, sultry afternoon when I took my daughter to the nearest saloon to get rid of extra hair length. Every time the dresser moved her scissors, my heart sank seeing Sia’s lovely golden black tresses giving away, falling over the floor.

I saw at the mirror that reflected a sad looking Sia who was unhappy to give away her long beautiful hairs. “Mom I won’t be able to make plaits after the haircut?” asked Sia when I was convincing her to cut her hairs. She was very adamant that she doesn’t want to part away with her hairs.

Busy schedule has taken a toll on our lives and I couldn’t give Sia and her beautiful hairs the same amount of care what I as a mother should be giving to them. As a result, her hairs got frizzy and thinner towards the ends. Sia is very fond of her hairs and would love to pleat them up with colorful ribbons. Her favorite hairstyle is a long ponytail. Since her childhood, she would often come to me and ask- Mom, pl make a lonnnng pony for me. And I would oblige her happily. Once the pony is done, she will spent hours in front of mirror admiring it and I have often seen her comparing her pony with her friend’s who has got comparatively shorter hair. “Mom, Diva’s pony is freakishingly short. She looks so funny with her short pony for school. They often come off; making her look awful like a she is just out of sleep. How LS Mom!” She would often say and I would smile at her. “Now I too will have short hairs like Diva and my friends will make fun of my pony na ma?” Sia quipped earlier that day.

It was a tough decision to get her hairs cut short. I was in dilemma for weeks but then I have to take this harsh call seeing the conditions of her hairs which were getting worse by each day. Sun, pollution, harsh waters and lack of proper oiling has made her hairs rough and unfortunately with lot of split ends. My husband wouldn’t have noticed and I was quite busy with managing office and home I couldn’t notice them earlier. I tried to get rid of them by trimming her hair but they have spread so wide that it didn’t help much. I wonder how I will convince my husband for my act. Anshul, my husband is very fond of long hairs so much that he would often tell me during my pregnancy that if we will have daughter we shall name her Sia and she will have long hairs just like me. What is he doesn’t like the fact that I got her hairs cut especially without consulting him. I decided to halt the haircut process for time being. I went ahead and shared my apprehension with the hairstylist who understood my predicament and nodded in approval.

I told Sia that we will try to do find a solution by talking to a specialist or grandmother for some remedy. A delighted Sia promised to oil her hairs before every wash. Anshul was back from office. He was quick to notice the decreased length of her hair and enquired about it. I explained him the whole thing and how I took a hard call of getting rid of them so they do not spread any further. “Hmmm” said an upset Anshul. “What would be the chance that they won’t come back once the hairs starts growing? Would you get her hair cut again and again”? It dawned on me that instead of avoiding the trouble, we should aim at fighting/ controlling it. I agreed with him and start looking for solutions. I promised to get her hair oiled daily and refrain from getting her any kind of layer or step cuts to prevent this problem. A major reason of split end that I believed was her insistence to get her hairs cut in layers like one of her friends. She often insisted on using my dryer to style the same without proper maintenance and result is split ends.

I started reminiscing my school days when my mother would insist us to maintain our hairs long. I belonged to a small town where hairstyle weren’t such a big fancy among school goers as they are today. We would use pure almond oil and mix hibiscus flower and oil our hairs for strength and length.

I started flipping the pages of newspaper and stopped at a colorful ad about a new shampoo that claimed to reduce splint end by 4X. I have been using the soap from same brand and being a happy consumer, I decided to give it a try. After all, a shampoo plays a very vital role in hairs up keeping I told myself. I bought the shampoo and replaced Sia’s current shampoo with it.

After few repeated wash, I could see a difference in her hairs. They have become smoother and tangle free. Split ends have remarkably come down and post few more washes over next few weeks, her hair look good. So my combination of regular oiling + regular trimming + protecting the hair from harsh winds + special shampoo for split end worked.

Sia’s joy was at its highest when she saw her hairs brimming back with same smoothness devoid of any split end. I couldn’t wait for Anshul to return back from his Barcelona trip and show him our triumph over closing a “split wide open”.


This post is written for “Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids” Contest by Indiblogger & Dove. To know more about the Dove Split end Rescue System, click here- Link

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