Once Upon a Braid Time

Two ribbons and a comb

hey presto, my hairs are done.

I can pleat them in one,

I can pleat them in to two

I can pleat them in multiple numbers

I can style them any way I can do.

Little Ribbons and little bands

My hairs are healthy, at every strand.

beautiful braids, beautiful I

Beautiful hairs, make me smile

Beautiful are the people whose hearts are pure

So much beauty in the world that I adore

From head to toe, I shine

no more fussy hairs, no more split ends to whine

My hairs are so smooth

I fell in love

Awesome you are, my little dove

Braids are forever, braids are there to stay

I braid my hair and they feel great


This post/ poem is written for Dove Contest on Indiblogger. Do know more about the Dove split End Rescue System Visit their website


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