There is a Soldier in each of us

Who is a soldier? he is an armour who stand by his nation, who he calls his mother and stand to protect her rights, integrity, safety and well being.

Often in such enterprise, he risks his life but save the pride of his nation. He is the quintessential person who love the women per se so much that he leaves women at his home, without looking at ties of blood, giving precedence to one’s honor and respect to pride.

We have many soldiers who fights at border and many who fights off border. One such soldier was Jeetu Ram. A chap from a far distant land of a country, Jeetu came to big city with many a dreams in his eyes. he was cheated off his ancestor’s land by his own family. a little heartbroken but an effervescent Jeetu started working as house help at an urban city. His skills was in cooking and driving. His biggest skill was in winning hearts of people with his simple yet honest behavior. A soldier is not just one who protects a person physically but also responsible for mental and emotional support at time of need. Soldiers need to kill other to protect one. However soldier always stands like a shield of safety, protection and support.

Jeetu was working in our neighborhood for four tenants that were staying on the first floor. One girl vacated the house and soon a new person shifted in. What could be seen through window was a girl with fragile frame and slightly limp in her walk. On probing further, we came to know that she has a problem in her leg, akin to Polio which made her walk with little difficulty. She appeared to be a nice person, if not great a reasonable one at least. Jeetu soon started cooking for her as well and in free time helped in driving her car to workplace and others.

Sooner I came to learn her ordeal with people who were better equipped yet contain malice for lesser fortunate people. One such day, the girl was required to travel between two cities and for some reason she took a car on hire as she has to leave immediately and all the trains etc were booked. To be on safer side, she took Jeetu bhaiyya with her driver  for the trip. They reached on time and finished the work and it was time for them to return. She decided to come back same day to save her next day of office leave. It was an overnight trip and involved travelling via a valley. It was dark and dense jungle and the car broke down in middle of no where. The driver told her to be seated inside and went to check the engine. The fault was severe and they needed a proper mechanic. The jungle was dense and she asked the driver to stay back instead of going and getting lost in jungle. Jeetu was worried thinking how he would protect a girl if someone attacks and thought of finding ways.

The driver turned greedy and anxious. He took Jeetu to a corner and gave him a wonderful idea to make money. His plan was to go in search of a mechanic and pretend to go for another 30 minutes and come back in disguise with a knife and rob the girl with all money and cards and belongings.

Jeetu not only disapproved of his plan but also worked in a way to help the girl so that she reaches home safely. The driver went adamant and lured Jeetu with lot of money. He said they will not hurt the girl much and will throw her out of car and flee with money and vehicles. His friend buys stolen cars and can give them big bucks. Jeetu nodded to the driver and asked him to go and hide. Sooner the driver went outsid ethe sight, Jeetu went insiode the car and told the girl all about the malicious intent of the driver and asked her not to worry and no matter what keep herself locked inside the car. He assure her that he is not in money and is there only to help her.

He soon went outside the car and asked the girl to not open. the frustrated driver first tried to speak to Jeetu and then started beating up when he refused to help him. Jeetu soon managed a branch of tree and hit the driver back threatening him to leave them and run away. In the entire bid, Jeetu got badly scratched all over but still didn’t give up. He chased the driver away and spent whole night outside the car, awake to protect the girl.

Once the dawn broke, he took a help of a fellow vehicle and went to mechanic, got the car repaired and wheeled away the girl safely to her house.


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