A mother’s wish to re-live her youth: A Road trip to Goa

It’s been long, it’s been sometime that we have not meet our friends. Nor gone for any trip worthwhile. It’s been ages, since we are getting old.

We were watching this hindi movie- Dil Chahta hai on TV some days back. When I saw three friends travelling carelessly to Goa. Those were days, I was reminded and suddenly felt that wish I had gone for a trip like this.

We have been growing old fullfilling our duties responsibilities, now it is the time when the mother too wants to retire. My daughter asked me to participate in this contest and asked me to share a trip that I would like to go. I dismissed her idea first with glee and then with an expression that even saddened me down. Which trip? I need time to think, I said and turned to TV. I switched on this channel and started watching this movie. It is then I realized that life is full of small fun and how much I ache to be young again.

If given a chance I would like to go on a trip like this. I would like to take my old friends from my college days. i barely remember their whereabouts. All I know is that they are somewhere, growing as old as me. Usha Deshmukh, Geeta manik Ranjana Singh, Suranjana SIngh where art you all? Or may be it is time I need to make more friends.

Let’s become young again, let’s become free birds and enjoy our lives too. let us go for a road trip. Let us go to Goa, Lonavala, Khanadala. I want to change in to travel gear, hold a hankerchief around my neck and sing- Aati kya khandala!

–Suman Khetan

This post is written for Indiblogger and AMbipur- the perfect trip contest. To know more about Ambipur, visit they facebook page.



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