Say Wello to World, Water and Women

I just sat with a cup of coffee on my couch and as I took my first sip, the aroma lit my senses and I began to relax. I switched off my TV and started looking at my wall. A painting of three Indian women, carrying water on their covered head took my attention away.

I painted this picture long back while in my college days and now today when I am 60, my hectic wife-mother-woman schedule has given me some moments finally to visit those days. Women carrying pots of water on their head, shoulder and hands is a lovely image indeed but in real life it doesn’t look as effortless or tidy as it does in a portrait. This took my mind to the current issues that Indian women esp in rural India were still facing regarding poor water supply. It wrenched my heart to see my fellow women walking miles empty foot on barren lands to fill pots of water to and from from their houses to nearest water source. I feel disgusted being socially blessed for once.

It indeed is a tedious task. Water looks weightless but actually water is heavy. Carrying them makes a continuous physical dent in joints of the water bearer. For God sake they are human, they are women and not machines.

Fine she has carried water for family but is that safe? Don’t we know about the majority of disease originating from water? Cholera? Diarrhoea?

A women not only face health hazard but also faces time hazard often leading to her either forsake on her personal time, education or many other important needs. What is the solution of the problem? The perfect solution is availability of water near a women’ household. Given the current scenario and our daily drying natural water bodies, that seems a difficult thing to chase. 

They say do not waste your time re-inventing a wheel. Thank god, some people ike Cynthia didn’t pay much heed to it and have gone actually reinventing the wheel in form of- Empathetic design process

Wello water wheel- ergonomically designed wheel based water containers that can carry a load of water and facilitate easy movement from a place to another. It is like you mow a lawn while chit chatting and yes, your other hand is free to hold a cup for self 🙂

However one thing that is still dwelling on my mind is the affordability. Would rural women in India be able to afford a wheel based water carrier worth Rs 750 to rs 1000? Would adding few more features to this technology help the cause and the cost? Features like refining water.and more?

The idea is to make a beginning from somewhere. Further education and development may do wonder to it!


Here’s a detail of the Idea Caravan presentation that I am talking about-

To know more, pl check- Franklin Templeton Investmentspartnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.



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