Scent of a mother and her child

A mother recalls her “smelly-smiley” journey back home.

I remember the time when I had my first born. He kicked his way into this world and with great ordeal and “nearing death” delivery experience, i could finally say all well. A lot of you reminisce the earthy smell that comes from mother earth when it rains or aroma of a mother’s cooking. A mother here (that is me) take a dive back to nostalgia and recalls all the wonderful smell that her baby emulated.

Stinky Diapers, crouching stains

Baby are the sweetest lot and couldn’t tell you exactly when they want to poop or urinate. A mother’s instinct follows her babies comfort and need for cleanliness and that’s why she smells the trouble immediately the moment baby creates it. Somehwere in my closet, i still have those tiny cloth diapers, little blankets, socks, frocks and woolen stored. Times may have changed but those fabric still smell the same when my children use to wear them. Nothing can change it’s fragrance.

I have an old mattress at home which still smells a little that thing of my baby. My son asked to discard it but my husband and I insist to have as it still reminds of my son’ childhood days and the sleepless nights we used to spend changing his nappies, turn by turn. No matter how much I wash them, they still smell a little of them

All things baby product

My house still smell of the talc, cream, lotions and baby shampoo that I used to apply on my baby. why? I still buy few of those products to keep my memories of my baby bathing, sleeping near me.

The oil massage that I use to give my baby every morning is still there on the small woolen blanket. My pillow that smells the milk spilled from bottles while feeding the baby.

There is a corner in my room where my baby would study and made his study table. The fresh smell of pages of his school/ college books are still atop that wooden table. Sometime when I revisit that corner of house, I take out those books and try to recall my memories with the smell, they retain them successfully.

My recipe smells my kids’ memories

My children were very fond of my hand made food, whatever I use to cook, they use to feast upon. each of them had their own distinctive choices. When I cook Dal-rice, its aroma reminds me of the days when my children use to come home during school lunch break where I would made them sit on dining table and serve hot lunch. Even today when I cook the same meal, though my children no longer study in school or come home for lunch break, the aroma however takes me back to those good old days.

The backyard Orchard

We have a kitchen garden at the back side of our house. The place where my kids would play. The garden would have trees ranging from Mangoes to guava, sweet limes, custard apple, peach and more. There’s one Jamun (blackberry) tree which grew almost during my kid’s childhood, On whose branches they use to climb and savor the juicy goodness. The smell of that tree, bark and fruit is still same. The guava tree smells the same woody self even in monsoons as it used to do hitherto.

What can I say more, while all these things are materials, it is my hand that still smell my babies. My children may get upset with me and often ask me to concentrate else where as they get busy with their lives but how do I tell them, how difficult is it for me to separate myself from them as my life, my hands and my home still spells all the smells and fragrances of my babies!


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