Journey into Space err Space City

This post is a work of fiction written for Safari Storme Explorer contest by Tata Safari and Indiblogger.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane? No no…it is Superman…Ahoy none! It is Symphony no 5 of Beethovan!

Said little Ezra while opening her eyes. I rushed to her and asked-what was that. It seems she saw a dream while sitting in the porch. I rushed to her. She said she wasn’t dreaming. She actually saw something coming from farway sky causing huge storm of dust and passing by. You must be dreaming, I told her but she refused. She said she was awake and she saw something flying towards her. It appeared like a saucer kind of thing but as it came closer, the appearance changed and she was so dazzled with the light that she couldn’t see it exactly. It just flew across her and wandered somewhere. I admonished her and moved to my kitchen. UFO? DO they really exist? May be she is watching a lot of Star Trek stuff on TV and need to be kept away from them sometime.

We had a quite dinner and she slept. Next day she woke up early and re-insisted on seeing the UFO actually a day before. The way it zoomed, it definitely would have landed somewhere she murmered. I admonished her thoughts as her imagination yet allowed her to go for a walk so that she can have some fresh breeze.

Ezra laced on her sports shoe and ran towards the park for a jog. She changed her mind and route mid way and progressed towards the farmhouse side. She read somewhere that usually such UFOs lands at a big field and do leave certain symbols on ground post landing. Yes, she saw on TV and she couldn’t ignore but chose to know more.

Sh reached to farmlands and much to her surprise, she saw a strange symbol in middle of the grasslands as if it was saying a thing. She was shocked and trampled over a stone like something. The object on sudden friction stumbled and rolled up into a big machine- a round shape flying machine. Wow said Ezra as she saw dome like machine rolling up right infront of her eyes. She pinched to her and no she wasn’t dreaming. She wasn’t dreaming, she thought and bend forward to have a close look. Suddenly someone tapped her from back. She turned back to see a different looking being wearing a space akin suit and reading through her using an ipad kind of device. wow is that an augmented reality tool, she asked. Her science fiction was indeed being handy to her that time.

She was pleasantly surprised and more so in awe to see a different looking creature and the reaction looked mutual. HI, my name is Ezra. You are? I am Aryo and I have come from Sigma.

Sigma? Ezra wondered. Allow me a moment said Aryo and as he tried adjusting to a local language to be able to talk to Ezra, she watched closely. he was wearing a Halo on his head. and there were certain tube like samples in his hands in what seem like small fingers. I am Aryo from Sigma and I have to Earth as part of my research. I didn’t intend to stop here but due to certain failure in signal, I am made to stop a while. Seems a lot of CFC on stratosphere above corrupted the system and we have taken a temporary shelter here, he explained. CFC? she quipped and soon she glanced through the tall chimneys around omitting toxic gases and Industrial waste.

Soon Ezra took Aryo around the place and told him about the various things around. Happy with his new found knowledge, Aryo invited Ezra for a small trip to space to which she agreed.

They both sat inside his “what looked like a small flying object, was actually very comfortable and spacious from inside. Wear your seat belt, Aryo asked.The spaceship took off and soon Ezra found herself gliding smoothly in clear blue skies over green meadows watching the nature and it’s beauty passby. Oh look that is sun, she quipped. My god it is so red and orange and looks so differently from here. Together they strolled through galaxy and much more. they saw planets, asteroids and everything that Ezra so far has seen on those travel channels on her tv but never in real life. She was delighted.

Wake up Ezra, her mother said. Ezra was sleeping. She woke up hurriedly asking Aryo, my spaceship. Spaceship? quipped her mother. Spaceship? There’s no spaceship. We are inside our new Tata Safari and just back from a road trip. Wake up now, we reached hom,e


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