Fresh & Happy

This post is written for Ambipur, new mini vent clip, as hosted by Indiblogger.

New Zealand Springs| Lavender Comfort| Sky Breeze| Light Citrus| Thai Dragon Fruit

Well no, am not painting my home walls but yeah painting my car walls for sure. How? Simple. The moment you enter car, what do you do? You close the windows and switch the AC on. There is no vent in of Fresh air and no vent out of stale carcinogenic air.

The car gets stuffy and smelly. To add insult to injury is the odor of food items, smelly shoes et all in the car doesn’t help.  The next best solution was a room spray. Eh room spray in car? No! Deodrant. Oops thats quite a costly affair and not feasible too. We need something thst is handy and made for car. Probably that’s the reason Ambipur launched new car perfume. It is not just any other car deodrant. Seeing is believing. So we thought of giving it s try and got ourselves a mini vent. Guess what? It works.

Today our driving experience is much better. Well our tyre is same and so did the car. The only thing changed is our car odor. We love it. We can have a new one every day all ranging from citrus to lavender to breezy blues. This morning I picked Thai Dragon fruit.

What did you pick? 🙂



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