The Lonely Times of Life



He sat on that lonely bench

alone at the end of a park

He saw at the field beneath

the trodden ground blazing aftermath

He left behind his time

he came in morning and it turned dark.

Watching the little ants on field

swarming through the petty white weeds

He wrapped his emotions to his heart

confined them deep within locked chest

he took his stick and bend forward

it was not raining still he wept

Time was all over his thoughts

hooked in every nook & strand

he remember the time

when his son was born

till the time he wed.

Time is a healer, it reveals too

who is own and who otherwise

time though takes its own time

and some wounds need a time morphine

Who said you can cry in rain?

Who said blood thicker than water?

Disdain and disheartened

he rued his times that let him down

he rummaged the memory and frown

It’s all about time

and I hope my good time will come too


Picture courtesy: the magpietales


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