With love from Mom

My baby strongest!

This contest is written for Dabur lal tail and Indiblogger’s natural growth, Traditional knowledge”


I am a mother, a creator. When I created the best part of my woman hood with an absolute science that is natural, traditional and works wonder, why can’t I use the same for the growth and betterment of my child?

Yes, I am talking about using traditional knowledge that is enriched with goodness of herbs, flowers, fruits and plants and using it for natural growth of my child.

The market is flooded with many products that claim from the rooftops. If some of them had their way, women would have given a 12 year old football player from their womb. Yes, that is funny. Ever wonder what happened when a things defers from natural progression and grows inorganically? NO? Let me tell you a story here-

The hen that lay golden eggs

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a hen who lay one golden egg everyday. The farmer and his wife were very happy and lived their life with prosperity and dignity. The immediate result/ gain got them good fortune and soon they started farming in their own land. When days progressed, they become rich and bought their own agricultural equipment and soon built a good farmhouse for self.

One day, their distant relative visited them and was surprised to see their prosperity. After lot of pestering, the farmer told him the story of their “Golden hen”.  The jealous relative seeded greed in their mind and suggested them to get all the golden eggs at one go and why wait for days to come.

The farmer and his wife first didn’t agree to it but sooner greed over and lack of knowledge yet high branding by their relative over powered their mind and they agreed. They took a knife and went ahead to kill the hen. Te hen saw the knife and asked farmer of his intent. knowing which the hen was frightened and reminded me that consequences may not be conducive as tradition talk about knowledge, wisdom, perseverance and hence natural growth.

The farmer didn’t listen to the hen and killed to find that there’s no golden egg inside the hen and how his foolishness has awarded full stop on their prosperity. [End of story]

Ayurveda is also like a Golden hen that give results naturally and step by step. If you take the entire bottle of oil and rub it on your body and expect growth, well it doesn’t work that way. Remember- Natural growth. And that is precisely where traditional knowledge comes in which tells what treatment is required for who and how and in what way.

Ayurveda is like a tradition, a ritual that has been followed and perfected from centuries. There are many ingredients in Ayurveda but not all can be used on everyone for all ailment, hence the traditional knowledge is important.

Dabur Lal tail v/s mustard oil v/s Synthetic oil

Someone asked me why not massage baby with mustard oil that aids to process, keep the boy warm and is considered good. My reply was that the composition is not suitable for an infant but only for adults who can endure the strong smell which a child cannot. Besides, it is more of an edible oil and not meant for baby massage.

Synthetic oils are strict no-no.  Read below to know more. Besides, since every child is special to mother, she needs special, custom made oil for her child. And if it is Dabur, it is like- “Sone pe Suhaga”.

Why massage your child with Dabur Lal Tail

The Laal Tel has the trust of Dabur and composition of ingredients like “Sankhapushpi”, “Karpoor”, “Ratanjot” and “urad” which aids in the following-

1) Safegurad the child from skin ailments and general weakness

2) Improves blood circulation in child whose activities are as limited to their movements

3) Builds their bones and muscles

4) Glowing skin and development

The question is how? Massaging a child’ body is considered a traditional ritual to inculcate and foster good growth in a child. Healthy child, is healthy person and healthy generation. Oil massaging not just promotes height growth in a child [without any synthetic elements] but also adds to healthy weight of child.  I massage my child with not just any product in market but real and actual meant for him/her- natural product that uses ancient Ayurveda’s knowledge and science.

And I know the importance of “Touch therapy” that a mother gives to her child for their growth and healing. When it comes to a baby’ health, the mother who nurtured him/her with nothing but pure, natural elements in her womb, making the baby take a proper shape then why would she ever compromise in his post delivery care? I would never let anything synthetic touch my baby!

Research have proven that Dabur Lal Tail fosters 2X times growth of a baby. Not just that, the joy on my child’ face while getting massage is priceless.

If you ever come up to decide on “traditional knowledge, natural growth”, know what to say. I say- I can and I shall and yes, it pays!


To know more, visit their website


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