O Pappu, Pl Shave!

He is muscular, looks spectacular

Speaks multiple languages

foreign and vernacular

He drives fast car, wears rolex watch

popular among everyone, parents finds him good match

But there’s something wrong about Pappu

No-no he can dance and dance like dream

Still he lacked something, something

That separated chalk from cream

Carefree yet careworn

Strutting guitar in hand, wearing jeans that is torn

Pappu was a delight, cool, geeky and bright

But there’s something about Pappu

That some girls don’t admire.

 So what is that thing? A frustrated Pappu screamed while throwing pebbles in water. It was his daily routine. He often disappointed by rejections from girl would sit near the river bank, throw pebbles in water and think loudly. Suddenly there were ripples in water and a big, old, wise looking frog came out. Pappu was scared and about to run but the wise frog called his name, stopped him and asked him not to worry.

He told Pappu that how he had been seeing him brooding there everyday and wants to help him finally. A concerned Pappu opens up his heart in front of the wise frog and tells him how in spite of everything, he fails to win girls over.

Hmmm the wise frog croaked and glanced over Pappu. He dived back in water and returned with a mirror and a shaver. This shaver will save you. You lack nothing but you have certain things esp the facial hair in access that you need to get rid of. It’s smelly that even a frog could die of suffocation.

Without wasting a minute, Pappu shaved his smelly stubble

His face shone bright

And all the girls jumped on him

From top, left, center and right!

He was no more a Pappu

His clean shaven look bowled them over!


This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

This is also a response to the tag by Numerounity here- http://www.numerounity.com/2013/12/making-my-first-pass.html


I tag Numerounity back


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