Every Day #BetterWay Life with Yoga Tablet

I am a woman in my late 50’s and know nothing about technology. I belong to an era when trunk calls began and  mobile is still a fancy device that I use to make/ receive calls. In short, I knew nothing of technology until one day when my children introduced me to world of smart computing and the world of tablets.

Tablets yes. To me tablets always meant- Anacin, Paracetamol, Crocin, Multi vitamins etc only.

How did it all started

I stay in a small town of Jharkhand where power supply is a major issue. A little lightening and kaboom, the electricity board cuts the power. A little thunder strike and power is gone for whole day. One day , one rainy evening they were showing the Grand Finale of my favorite TV Show that I waited so eagerly. I got up early and hurriedly finished all my household chores including cooking dinner so that I can watch my favorite serial. To cut the long story short, power supply went that day and I missed my favorite serial. Without TV, life became so boring. I thought I will switch on my son’s computer and play Solitaire there to spend my time [that’s all I know to do on a PC :)] Alas, no power made my life further boring.

How I Met My Tablet

I called my daughter and told her how pained I am with nothing to do. She immediately suggested- Ma you need a tablet! A tablet? which one? It’s the she prescribed me for a computing tablet from Lenovo that changed my life [Yay Am I sounding like those fake people from Tele shopping program trying to sell health pills? lolz no] I am selling you a TABLET instead 😉

Things I can do with my Tablet

My life was never so much of fun. A little nudge from my daughter, few computing/operating lessons from my son/daughter I learned many things on Tablet and I wonder that why I didn’t knew about this “Miracle of an innovation” earlier. Yes, It is Lenovo Yoga Tablet. Why I bought it when I could have an iPadMini to begin with? Well for it bore “Lenovo” name and it has Yoga in it. I took fancy to the name and asked my daughter- Yoga? I know gaga. Didn’t Yoga meant to be for exercise and well being? She gave me the catalogue and asked me to skim through. So what I saw, is what I liked and yes, I am sold to the idea of buying a tablet and that too Yoga Tablet by Lenovo.

 So here’s what all I can do with my tablet now –

1) Pay all my bills incl electricity bills [whatever time electricity is available]

2) Watch my favorite serials and their re-reuns and their re-runs

3) Play games- well u see why waste a tab playing only Solitaire? I play speed chase, angry birds [but off course], subway surfer and many more. The touch is amazing!

4) Do shopping online- yay! a woman’s paradise

5) Chat with my family, friends…see them face to face and can easily shut them down by logging off 😉

6) Click and share pictures instantly of my Garden, kitchen and the latest mango pickle that I made.

7) Use as an almanac and diary for noting my reminders, to do etc

8) Writing my hindi poems [ Wish they had a hindi keyboard for people like me]

9) Listen to my favorite Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsale and all other Songs and bhajans…I can carry it to my pooja ghar and kitchen at ease you see.

There’s is no end to possibilities. I wish there’s few more things that my tablet helps me do like- it can act a temperature, weight mapping machine. If it can have offline features like recipes, sewing tips etc…Ah! Language is a barrier, can I use it to speak and get my words converted into text? that would be fine.

I believe if you are Yoga, you can be complete Indian as well. how? Simply by adding more non English friendly features for woman like me. Not that I cannot read it all but having apps in own language is hell lot of convenience.

#iWish my Yoga tablet can speak to me. My empty nest hurts me at times and what could be better than have a living walking companion. No?


Lenovo India Facebook page


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