Best Female Friends

This poem is written for Indiblogger and Dove “Guessing Game with my friend contest”.  To know more more click this link of DOVE.  #DoveFaceTest

Your best friend is your partner in crime

your co-conspirator,  like honey in lime

That indeed is a funny line, lets move ahead, never mind.

there are indeed friends of all kind

however there are few who leaves their footprints

on sands of time

Best friends in childhood

two of us stand infront of the mirror

play with duppata, play with make up

try out lipstick, dab all talcum powder

Mom ai’t we pretty? we laugh out louder

Childhood can never be so much fun

when you have friends, my little one

Best Friends in school

we tie similar pony, we go to same school

we dislike same stuff, while find some cool

we share our class desk and sometime copy in test

we like some teachers while apprehend rest

school was pain but we still want to go again

school was a place where we met and found new friend

Best Friends in Teenage

We have grown but our fetishes are still same

we buy new cosmetics and try lipsicks infront of mirror again

we waste no time and get ready for prom nights

we gossip latest affairs, running in our college all the time

we r like toasts with tea, we r like who boasts you and me

we are friends and we are forever

we continued to love each other though distance moved farther

we share same samosa from the canteen

we loved al thing adolescent, it was fun teen!

My 4am friend

heart this latest gossip? Suzzane separated with hrithik

Oh ple let me sleep, dont do bore

have you seen the time? Its half past four

we catch upon morning jog, chat endlessly

Oh did we see that chap there, we winked at each other effortlessly

My hostel friend

powerhouse of gossip, windmill of secrets

we tell only each other about the new hottie we date

look at that dude, he thinks he is cool

eeks those hair spikes and  body tight, it makes him look fool

Tee hee hee, what goes of me?

Hey we have college fashion show, time to get ready

Hey checkout my new look, I want to try for halloween

Ah! Look at me, don’t I look like drama queen?


Friends forever

Best friends forever, love and care

we have our bumchum for different things to share

some are gossip girls, some 3am buddy

some helps in social media, some helps solving maths nerdy

Some we share joke with, some lend us shoulder

Some teaches us to swim, some helps us clear boulders
This is to all my dear friends
Friendship is forever, some bonds never ends
lets try something new today, let’s enclose each other in love
Let’s ditch our party and take patch test of dove
We go for shopping and spend time rejuvenating
we like trying new things from nailpaints to clothing
This is pink but I love brown, you wear tiara but I’ll take the crown

Friends are special, friendship is gift
Every friend is important, we love, we live
we breath same air and perchance exchange our layers
we do guessing games, we do cause we care
la la la… la la…..
Make friends, not make war! Cause Har Friend Zaroori hai, yaar!

This post/poem is written to cherish a beautiful bond of friendship that I shared with two of my BFF as they call them- Ragini and Sujata. This post is dedicated to them.  I truly miss them. Those were the days when we meet, greet and do all lovely things together. I am still looking for that picture wherein I wore a pant shirt and she wore a sari and we shot a picture and feasted upon besan ke laddoo, the newly acquired cullinary skill that we were taugt as part of our “marriage grooming” plan. Too much to write but too little time. Words do not seem to flow here but I miss my friends and look forward to meet them sometime again. Hope you will like my post.



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