Playing Santa Mommy just another Time


There is something very special about a mother and a child’s bond. A mother not just give birth to a child but also gift a child all that she had with her. Her time, her youth, energy, dedication and what not. 

I am a mother of three and I know how much a child loves to receive love and off course gifts.

Here’s 1001 mein se 5 gifting ideas for a child-

1) Reading Habit _ yes they say books are best friend of a person- young or old. 

2) Physical fitness- I would ensure my children do not become couch potatoes and are always fit and ready to meet life every day, every hour and every moment.

3) Art of self reliant

4) Blogging- yes I would gift them a blog site of their own basis their mid schooling to start their own blog wherein they can share, express and lean new things in it’s own new and unique way.

5) Wings to fly- Yes, you read it right. I would give my children their own wings to fly. I will support them to have a dream and pursue it. I will be part of their good dreams and help them to be successful in their endeavor. I would not let them heap under societal pressure. They can choose any profession of their own and excel there;


This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association withBlogAdda

Picture Courtesy- Magpie Tales


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