Don’t Stubble Me

She Pause, turned around, took a look and left a breath…It was indeed a very deep breath. She actually heaved a sigh and admonished herself for even doing that as if she was admonishing herself to take heed of such a trivial thing.

She shook her head, left a wry smile and moved ahead. It doesn’t worth a second look she thought and continued walking her way. While she was on it, she remembered all that went by in last few hours and smile. Was she really smiling? Well she was glad that it was over. The past flashback infront of her eyes.

It was just a few days that she met him. Met him near the sub way. He asked for a special tuna salad and she being pure vegetarian wanted something pure veggie.

They crossed paths again at the latest exhibition at the crawford centre wherein he was busy checking latest gadget and all she needed was books. Ewww who has time to read books e said and smirned off.

Their next two meetings were again at a contrast where he did everyting she was least interested in and vice versa. Soon their dislike for each other turned into a big magnet that did all to pull them together.  Ah! She gave into it as well.

She was an alpha female who knows what she ants and gets it too. Hence she agreed to take off for a holiday with him. He was besotted and men he was indeed besotted. He did everything to please her and she melted on every single effort. He was about to pop the question and strangely enough she did the unfathomable.

He was waiting at the airport lounge, trying to persuade her- every single moment but she turned him a deaf ear and walked out of his life as she did at airport lounge.

His fault? Wwell none.


Her reasoning? All she told that ” I hate that unclean stubble”

Indeed those 5 words changed his life forever and hers too.

For women across world- no shaving means no bathing.


This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

Tag I responded- Ekta khetan 


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