#VoteForIndia with Social Mobile Apps

This is your mobile and it is not just mobile but a wonder that does many a wonder for you. From getting connected to entertainment to education, infortainment, indeed a social app sates many a IT hunger problems of a population ranging from child to youth and forth.

Ever thought if the power of social media apps from mobile phones could be tapped for influencing and mobilizing youth to vote for India? Well General elections are fast approaching and without wasting an inch, lets explore and think of possibilities a mobile social app can do for Indian Youth inspite of their regular usage?

Possibilities are endless!

The way this world changed in last 10 years in remarkable. From lease line heavily wired Internet systems we have moved to wireless broadband and now Mobile Internet. Who would have thought that a normal looking phone will become such a powerhouse one day? Well indeed its time has come. Whether blackberry or Android or mac, no one wants to be left behind in this race.

The world on your fingertips!

There are numerous things you can do with your phone. We need not tell you that. However what we need to do is help explore how the power of mobile Internet and affliated apps can help us make all the difference in our society. Here’s few of my thoughts on the same-

Indian youth is always on the move, stationed or resting, is glued to their phone and MI. So lets use their own laguage to make them understand the role their respective votes play in society.

1) Promotion via YouTube videos

2) Faceook updates, group creations etc

3) Easy registration for voter’s id using a specially built app

4) Running #VoteForIndia campaign on twitter encouraging youth to participate and answer few important questions about our polling, legislative rights and civic duties

5) Chat access with their local politicians wherein they can send their direct questions to the candidates and get their reply on their weChat handle

6) Easy app for one stop repository for documents related to candidates’ profile their records, election manifesto etc

7) Mobile Manifesto wherein the local leader can chart his political manifesto based on opinions and suggestions by the residents and locals in their respective jurisdiction

8) Picture sharing tool wherein all areas in locality that needs attention could be clicked n shared with leaders so that they can obtain action, make change and share the pictures post the improvement etc

The ideas are plenty and execution is rather not tat difficult. All we need is a heart and soul to come forth and support the cause.

This General Election 2014, I will #VoteForIndia. Who will you vote for?



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