I Recharged my Hair to Recharge my LIfe

This day when sun dawn,

There’s a new silk in the town

.Squeeze in your hands

and rub on your hair

and live your life without a care

Party, picnic all way through

Sunsilk sets your hair cool

Go hiking, biking or drive F1

Recharge your hair and be on run

Don’t worry breakage nor any wreck

you look beautiful and forever deck

hair trouble is thing of past

Sunsilk has a solution that ever last


Dont waste your time in parlor and saloon

take sunsilk in your hands and aim for moon

wear your hair always in style

make your man, go nuptial & nubile

Hair is like your cellphone battery…which needs electric intervention to keep it going. Now you would not plug it inside a power socket, hope you don’t…but you will take appropriate measure to recharge your hair and let the confidence flow.

What confidence? Well the confidence that you are looking good without worrying about your hair, you can go ahead make that commitment…go paragliding, go sailing..go partying…Your hairs are freshly recharged! They will take care of themselves.

Here’s how our hair’s energy level represent our confidence cum attitude level whihc is a must to do anything, anything under this hot darn sun!

We did a survey with 100 women across the country. One simple question- How important is your hair for your confidence levels. Here’s a small illustration depicting their responses-


So moral of the story is, do not let your hair let you down. Rather let loose of your hair worries, recharge and paint the town – Red, Auburn, Black & Brown!



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