These are the best of the Offbeat Films!

There are movies that takes the wit of you, and movies that make you roll on floor- laughing. There are movies that made you think and some movies that attack your senses. Some movies are pure entertainer whereas some movie not just entertain but gives you right messages- loud and clear. The latter may not form a part of Rs 100 crore club or make huge profits but what they indeed achieve to do is win the viewer’s heart.

You may call them offbeat but some of them touches your heart and maketh skip a beat. Here’s list of 5 offbeat hindi films that are “must watch” for any movie lover, buff or critic alike-

1] Listen Amaya

Listen Amaya is a story of Deepti Naval and Late Farukh Sheikh in their twilight zone,  who have lost their respective spouses and want to marry each other. The movie also has Swarna Bhaskar [Tanu weds Manu fame] who plays the daughter of doting Naval and in spite of sharing a beautiful bond with Sheikh, sees their marriage proposal with low respect and treason to her late father. The film revolves around her dilemma and battle with self and her mother which forces the latter to withdraw her plan to re-marry.

The film is a heartwarming tale that says love has no age and it is not just about the physical intimacy but more of a companionship. It has a very urban, mature treatment to it. The actors are the best part of movie and Farukh Sheikh plays his role to the T. The movie is a must watch for every generation.

2] Paan Singh Tomar

The brooding new age actor Irrfan Khan plays the title role in this film directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. The film is about a poor man who turns athlete so that he can earn enough to fed his appetite and feed his family. In turn of events, the simple athlete becomes the most revered bandit of Chambal and how. The film keeps you glued to it scene after scene sans any item song or big budget locale all cause of it’s amazing storyline and in lying message. It is a must watch for people who like to see real life story of people who became victim of situations and loopholes in administartion policy of one of the largest democracy of the world.

3] Masoom

Once upon a time there was a happy family. A successful man, his graceful wife and two lovely daughters, living their perfect life. One day the man receives a call from the principal of a boarding school to come over and take his child, who was born out of wedlock, with him for better education. What follows next is a beautiful story, screenplay and drama very well executed by ace director Shekhar Kapoor.

To add to the feathers in hat, masoom has lovely soundtrack, beautiful casting, par excellence screenplay. It also marked the debut of two future heartthrob in Bollywood- Jugal Hansraj [where do they make someone sweet like him anymore] and sensational Urmila Matondkar. Lakdi ki kaathi became rage and every single women who ever saw this film could not help but secretly wished to have a child like Master Jugal Hansraj.

4] Dor

Dor was a beautiful story of two women from different walks of life, their beliefs and how they meet, come together, made friends, fall over and reunited over the lovely bond of human relationship. The movie was directed by Nagesh Kukunoor who also made another beautiful saga of friendship oriented film- Rockford.

Ayesha Takia played a sweet, submissive girl from traditional Rajasthan who found her savior in the confident & daring Gul Panag. Dor is a beautifully sketched saga of human bond and backed a great story telling/ executing cinematic brilliance. A must watch!

5] Zubeida

Zubeida is the story of a princess, a beautiful girl who had sparks in her eyes and fire in her belly. She wanted to open her wings and take a flight to world of cinemas but her orthodox father forced her to tie knot with his friends son inspite of her unwillingness. Zubeida gives birth to a child but due to her father’s dispute with her father inlaw, she was left divorced and back to her parents house. She later on fell in love with a Hindu king who  marries her and take her to his palace in Rajasthan to only make her discover that he was already married to a woman much older to her age, Played by Rekha [Mandira].

What follows next is a poignant and real life tale of a very beautiful Zubeida, the second film in trilogy made by eminent director- Shyam Benegal.[other two were Sardari Begum & Mammo] The movie has some memorable songs. My favorite is the end score of – So gaye sab kho gaye hai dil ke afshaane” The song had a haunted feel attached to it and express more than just mere words.

So these were my top 5 list of beautiful offbeat films that were indeed a creative marvellence but somewhere were lost in race of commercial hits and 100crore club warfare.


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2 thoughts on “These are the best of the Offbeat Films!

  1. Not one of these movies got lost in any race to any club… they are very much revered by the film-connoisseurs and the hoi-polloi alike. Your post would’ve been better had you written your reasons for including these films and not just inane phrases like ‘a must watch’, ‘a beautiful story, screenplay and drama’, or ‘film keeps you glued to it scene after scene’…

    Arvind Passey

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