WIN today, is a joy forever

Ishita was a girl with locomotor disability. She could not walk properly, forget running. She would be walking with crutches and all that have inculcated a great sense of inferiority in her. She became very aloof, introvert and very conscious of self. 


Her disability was her weakness that she could not cure. Doctors gave many assurances but off late she resigned to her fate and her usual self. She did not have many friends. Such is the irony of phoney human tendencies that they failed to understand her. They did not realize that Ishita did not chose her condition and how her fate can become anyone’s fate as well.

Her best friend were her books. Only they understood her. She spent hours with books. Such was her fondness that she decided to write to kill time. However she was not very confident. “Who will publish my book” She often wonder and then post some Internet based research, she decided to start a blog first and soon take over writing. She started writing on her blogs.


When God takes away something, he gives us two back. It hold true in Ishita’s case too. With a little help from technology, she started writing and soon her blog caught fancy of many people like her and unlike her.  She chose the former as her latent audience and inspire them to start believing in their potent capabilities and soon she had more than 5000 followers across the globe.


Her blog spread like a wild fire. Her words, prose, poetry, drawings, stories started inspiring people. She inspired and encouraged a lot of people like her to start writing and find their solace in blogging.. She was no more alone but had many a friends. She built a huge blog network and ranked in top bloggers in the country.

A little determination and a small choice changed Ishita’s life forever. LIttle did she realized the popularity of her blog that grew manifold. One day she came across a forum that was conducting a “blog awards” for bloggers across in different categories. She was keen but not very sure to whether submit her entry or not. After lot of contemplation and push from her friends and family she relented and participated.

Guess what? Her blog was shortlisted among chosen top bloggers in a particular “writing” category. Whoa! She was Ecstatic. Elated and Encouraged to the core. She could not thank enough to everybody including the forum to bring a joy that she never thought she will get.

The results of the awards are not known to me. However, I am very hopeful that it will definitely be good and Ishita will have another reason to joy.

This was Ishita’s story, Ishita’s real story. It may not be of “stuffs that dreams are made of” but it indeed has a lot of heart. Hope Ishita gets wings to her dreams and WIN. If she doesn’t at least she has started a chain of WIN i.e. to Write, Inspire and Network. Insah Allah! That is not mean feat in itself.

SO if you too have a dream and you believe in WIN-ning..then what are you waiting for? Write, Inspire and Network to WIN!


This post has been written as  part of the WIN ’14 Activity at BlogAdda


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