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When my daughter told my husband that she needs her room to be painted in “California orange” and bathroom in “lavender” and not “lilac”, he was little confused. He summoned me frantically- Suman what is wrong with your daughter? Now what is California orange and why is she calling purple as lavender and lilac? Above all from where do I get “California Orange” without being traveling there. We are painting the house not having a color riots here!

“Well she is your daughter, ‘Mister’ you better deal with her and and yes lavender is better than lilac and I want peaches n plum in our bedroom” I quipped and secretly winked to myself as I pretend moving out of that room, leaving my husband to play with colors.

He wondered aloud as to why can’t we paint the house in his favorite light color and why so much fuss over a paint type on walls. He tried to resonate and bargain with his typical “ok if you do not like white, we can paint it green and daughter’s room pink and son’s Blue”. “And make our house look like a multi color mural pop” interjected my daughter who was way too grown from usual colors and this time wanted some different textures and shades to bring a synchronization. “multi color Mural? And what you suggesting is looks like a VIBGYOR to me..color riot more precise like a Pan Vendor shop”.

“Relax dad, we are not going to use solid colors all over. We are not painting paan shop  but we shall do Royale Play and use Special effects with Combing and Weaving  to give it that subdue look. If California orange is too gaudy for you than we can use a combined impact of Mango Shake 7960 | Greenery 7806 to create the look” my daughter  resonated making my already balding husband tear his hair in increased confusion.

The father-daughter duo’s usual argument was about to heat up when my son interrupted. “Look who has heard from Asian Paints. We will not paint the house like a circus, for Asian paints do give us an option of “color by family” wherein we can choose different colors still make it look synchronized a la my fanciful sister desire” he suggested. He seem to be well absorbed in his “building contractor” work seriously.

Creating beautiful homes

Is it possible for a home to be a person & not a place”

Well it is. After all, HOME is the “Hobbit of Mankind Elegance” a place where human look to relax, live and feel most comfortable in. So why just living when we can live finely and comfortably? Home is one time fixed, long term investment. That car/ dress may go out of fashion and you may never have enough of them but home is always in-vogue. Whether in happiness or pain or celebration, it is home that you are always with, most of the time. So, why not make it a symbol of who you are and speak for self.

Indeed designing and decorating your home, meeting the multiple needs of all members is a herculean task in itself. Adding there woes of handling contractors, labors, techinicians etc always ends up in additional spent of money, time and patience. The core ingredient that goes while designing, fulfilling and living the dream of beautiful houses are-

  1. Ideation– You may have seen various beautiful designs, multiple layouts, myriad suggestions but you can’t incorporate all. You need a perfect solution for your home and a design that is uniform, theme oriented and perfect amalgamation. Otherwise you end up adding a Japanese Trellis at the South Indian Temple structure.
  2. Budget– Money makes the mare go. There’s everything in world that may fulfill your dreams but alas! a lot of it comes with price tag. I used Paint Budget Calculator  from Asian Paints and it made difference. Remember keeping a buffer of minimum 10% and avoid urself a heartburn later.
  3. Manpower & Labor– Designing beautiful homes is also about sharing a Symbiotic relation with your labor, the people who will actually give shape to your dreams. Being a little empathetic, supportive and patient goes a long way than just WORDS.
  4. Adequate Space– If it is a pre-built house, then your choices are limited and you have to carefully play along the design as you cannot bring down the entire structure to create a new one. If it is yet to be made house still you have to chose the design carefully basis the space available. This works great esp when you are decorating the house. I suggest if you have a compact space, do invest in good cupboards and multi utility lofts. Instead of using special effect on the wall, use decals that gives a view of space.
  5. Ergonomics– Very important esp when you design bathrooms and kitchens. There has to be right space for TV and that should not collide with AC. Washing machine in kitchen or near washroom? Fridge and microwave together? No! Also, basis your individual needs, use a good WC, shower area etc..More u can read in my design below
  6. Perfect design partner– In the sea of marketers, you need that one partner who has all the solutions for your designing needs and not just that someone who takes your imagination to a newer height with its innovative and fresh ideas. I am not being racist but the first name that comes to my mind was- ASian Paints Home solutions. Not just they have good colors for my walls but it’s exterior, Woodworks, metallic spaces, all in one. It is a big deal if you have to source everything from different places.
  7. Love– Need I say anything more 🙂

The end product i.e. a beautiful house is worth all the pain and hardwork. Here’s few of my personal thoughts that I use/used while designing my house-

  1. The entrance- This is the first member of your house, the first visible member. A clear, well designed surrounding creates the happy first impression. So ensure that the entrance to your house is done in similar taste as the interiors are, and are not left ignored. My style tips would be keep it simple, keep it floral and illuminated. You can also add a lovely creative nameplate, warm exterior colors, a little wind chime and I personally prefer adding a small traditional bell near the door. Senorita, it looks authentic 🙂 I’m a gardening aficionado and I prefer to adorn my entrance with lots of beautiful flowers that need not be plucked to adorn the house, and a flooring that is easier for anyone to walk on. Besides I kept few lamps on the stairs, strategically placed to give that festive look esp during our house parties. I love creating a light play…which is quite evident from the picture below.
  2. The Drawing room– I am a fan of minimalist designing but at same time I love to collect memorabilia and decor stuff and embellish my place. I love to keep a room in my house Victorian and what better than drawing room which acts as a study too. No matter what style you chose, ensure it is in coherence with rest of the things/ the theme at the drawing room. I prefer to have it painted in a strong color like Orange, bronze green, rusted bronze or matte red with a wall with texture. Something like the one below. I completed the look by adding satin printed curtains in contrast and white chandelier lights. The matte Red exuberance is combined with a small fire-place to battle the heavy winter and add further warmth to the room.
  3. Living room– This portion of the house is most used up place where almost everyone ends spending a lot of time and ought to do so. I would keep it minimalist with a nice couch, comfortable cuddly cushions, a wide spread rug, more of natural lighting and lamps for evening. Yes this best place to have TV at home and adding your library or small study nearby is not a bad idea. I will keep this very contemporary, light and like a chic flick, crisp, delicate and subtle. Throw some wall shelves and add books there to complete the look. what say?  
  4. Dining area: Family that eats together, stays together. hence I believe in creating a simple space with accessibility to kitchen. I chose a light shade and pastel. Yes, peach is my favorite. If my husband do not agree to keep it in bed room, I will definitely make him get the dining room painted with it. It goes well with my wooden furniture [given a tinge of orange] and green naturals that lies outside my window.  It is attached to my kitchen and living room. To create a better color, i have added table linen in bright yellow with transparent cutlery to seam in.  
  5. Bedroom– This is my daughter’s favorite place in the house. She wanted a design that is sober, freaky and yet very classy. And yes, the green goes very well with the peach and other shades in the house. Besides, the color is good for both winter and summer season. We chose to paint the walls in shades of light, subtle green and made it look lively with a contrasting bedsheet and pillows. The idea to put some simple round glass just above bed instead of pictures was to bring the dazzle and accentuate the minimal lighting ti suit the  relaxing mood. We placed two small night reading lamps that we often switch in instead of the bigger lighting to keep the mood of the room romantic, comforting and artistic. A tall Chest near the bed and a narrow metal rack is used to complete the look while the former is used to store all things that we need handy and regular basis. Latter is for creating anti black design to match the wall mirrors but in contrast of other furniture. Yes we often change the pictures in frames there. Can you see the shade impact? ain’t it looks lovely and classic? 🙂girl-bedroom-colors-156
  6. The Porch: I am tea totaller and I love sipping my cuppa with a book by my balcony and seeing sky, birds, my flora collection and the world nearby. It is also a totally “naturally lit” activity area for me wherein I like doing small house works including making ladoos for the family, knitting a new wool-wear. I accentuated this area with simple tones of pink and white. My love for hammock and velvet rugs came handy and I used both to give this place a wholesome zone. read, relax, do something or just meditate, this is the area you will love too. Its photogenic and that warm orange vase is used to highlight the softness of twin shades of baby pink. It spells energy for me and my decor without over doing it 🙂
  7. Children’s room– Children grow faster and their choices changes drastically. When we shifted to our new home, my children were nearing teenage and doing a kiddish room would not helped long term. Hence I thought of the below design which works across almost every age with a little personalisation. I gave it a hue of peach, orange and pastel with a make shift furniture and lot of empty area for their physical activities and workshops that extends beyond study table. I made the bed small as I wanted my children to spend more time on activities than mere sleeping 🙂 Incase, you are wondering the wooden box for holding toys now hold their bags and other accessories and photo frames have been replaced by white metal ones with pictures of them receiving multiple awards and being with friends. 
  8. Bathroom- We live once, we love once but we go to bathroom many times in a day. So make it a better place to go and not the one that gives you a dirty, messy feeling. well that was the thought when we designed the bath room. My daughter is very fussy about using washroom and we needed to see a lot more than just design or colors here. We needed to be more ergonomically correct. Having a bath tub was a strict no-no as it gets very slippery sometimes and often clumsy. So we planned on a neat and simple design which encompassed- paneled shower area [so that water do not spill outside], a closely placed WC which stood near to hand wash bin. The wash basin was chosen as a flat shaped tub to avoid water spillage outside and we optimized the same space below as storage for additional toiletries. The look should be completed by a flower to balance the fragrance, which we happily added.

 My advice while selecting bath room tiles is that chose anti skid as it is best investment and always go for lighter shades.


Well that was my design concept behind creating a gorgeous, cozy and sophisticated house. Whats yours? Do share.


This post is written for Ripple Links and Asian paints bloggers contest- http://www.ripplelinks.com/Asian-Paints-Blogger-Contest/

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