I Believe in #KnowledgeIsGreat

Indiblogger and British Council recently asked me if I could study in UK in any subject and specialize, what it would be, where and why?

I first wondered why UK and why not the usual preferred destination- USA? And then I came across the website of British Council and that changed my opinion and made all the difference. 

To “open the doors to my dream career”, “gain a world class education”, “study my own way” and “Have the adventure of my life” I chose  the beautiful, serene and indeed among the world’s best- “University of Glasgow” to finish my much desired “law specialization” even though I am little too above that age for post graduation.

Yes, I would like to study law and study it from the famous “Glasgow university” which has the tradition of excellence as the 4th oldest university in UK. The university has inspired the talenst of seven nobel laureates, one prime minister, Scotland’ first inaugral minister and country’s first female medical graduate. The beautiful, historical campus of Glasgow has more than 100 building listed and is situated at the biggest city of Scotland, the legendary Scotland. 

Another reason could be that the commonwealth games of 2014 will be hosted here 🙂

Well apart from all this the main reason is the remarkable educational standards that the university has set in. It is among top college in UK and one of the best place to study law.

Why I want to specialize in law?

I am a simple person at heart who has a strong objections to wrongdoings in society and I am a good supporter of “writ jurisdiction”.  I had to leave my education post my graduation and with it, my dreams of becoming a lawyer and fighting for injustice for poor people and help them get their right, remained a dream so far. A dream that I now aspire to make true and make true with none less than law school of Glasgow University.

To me #KnowledgeIsGreat and to bow to it’s greatness, the audacity of hopes lies in our dreams to pursue it. For knowledge is a never ending process and adds a new dimension to its multi utility curve.

Why Glasgow University

I explained the reasons above and in addition, I would also like to re-iterate that with the following video-

The university is indeed a superior one academically, it allows people to think out of box and even better- help them think out of box. The school of law is part of school of social sciences. The LLB and Diploma in professional legal practices is accredited by the law society of Scotland. If you still need more reason, I would say-

It is pursuance of knowledge,

it is fulfillment of knowledge

It is a rage to douse the fire within

The fire of ignorance

and fuel in a new fire within

the fire of ambition

for education is the ammunition

education is my salvation

Education is my deed

education is my knowledge


#Knowledge is Great!



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