Korbo, Lorbo and truly Jeetbo

True sport is about the upcoming of under dogs. The usual suspects from whom nothing has been expected and still they turn game upside down and downside up.One such sport is cricket. and one such team is Kolkata Knight Risers.

KKR AKA Kolkata Knight risers truly live through the adage of rise of the underdogs.

Well I am among those people who know nothing about the technicalities of game, unlike my husband. All I know is that occasionally I like to watch cricket and watch a good match. Whoever wins is secondary but whoever is playing is more important to me.

So when SK launched his first ever cricket premier team, I was equally excited. As the tie up was one of its kind with cricket premier leagues being a whole new concept, it made all the sense for excitements to go up, blood to pump and pulse to race against each other, all in euphoria of seeing some of your favorite players, playing with each other in the whole gigantic ground of cricket, amidst the heavy duty flood lights, roaring fans and all media frenzy. Cricket indeed sets the nation on roll, hook,line and sinker.

“Mumma but why Kolkata Knight Riser? The team barley won any match and has always been in the bottom most of the league” asked my daughter when I told her that this season I will cheer “Kolkata Knight Risers”.

Why? cause I like the players. I like their spirit and they reminds me of one of my love- Bengal. what more would you need, I asked. In fact, in my deepest heart I knew that I have no particular definition of the reason to cheer them up but somewhere that feeling refused to go. I feel so much attached to team KKR.

One thing I truly loved was their tagline- Korbo, lorbo and Jeetbo…which loosely means that we will do it, we shall fight for it and we shall win.

Indeed those 3 letters spelled the entire motion for me. Isn’t that what the game of cricket is for? The game demands energy, the game demands superlative performance, no fear to fight and that is what KKR stands for. And that is why they are my favorite team and I will cheer for them this season.


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