I Luv being #OnTheMove

It is #TimeToTransform says ASUS

I learnt about this tablet err laptop errr transformer sort of device via Indiblogger and had a think.

Being a technology illiterate I find the product still interesting. I forsake all the texts and clicked the video on their website and that gave me a whole new perspective about this fabulous gadget.

Few days back, I saw this American movie with my family- transfomer 3 wherein Machines take different shapes and turns in robots to flying ship to tanker to transform into almost anything. I wonder if they can transform in to mother. However, a mother often transforms into a machine.

Never mind, the mothers also celebrates “mothers day” and am sure what I am gonna ask my daughter to get for me for next Mother’s day. Indeed it is ASUS Transformer T100.

You may say- I called myself technology illiterate and still I want it, why? Well even though I am not as adept as you, I have my own learnings, however slow they may be.

I have my own leanings too, however how small they may be. Recipes, Photography, Games [Aha], Video chat are just few of them. So when Indiblogger and ASUS asked me what will “keep me hooked” to it, I say-

1) Food and Recipe. Know what is my favorite channel on TV? It is all channels that are airing cookery show. So what if they are teaching how to boil eggs also, it will have my attention. You never knw what different people do to bring change and innovation.

2) Nani bai ko Maayro- After food and cooking, if there is a second favorite that I have on TV is- the devotional sagas of “Nani Bai Ko Maayro”. I love that little girl reciting the shlokas and giving stories on this legendary tale.

3) Games and more Games- from bubble wrap to temple run and candy crush, I like gaming on the phone. However, the screen size is too small for my ageing visions. Playing them on 10 inch screen is surely something. Oh yes, there is never a dull moment with games ever. Its like Target pe target and you are hooked, booked.

4) Poetry- I used to write poems in my young days. My daughter says they were good and I should write again. HOwever, I feel lazy and also kind of writer’s block to write anything. I tried few times but I dunno where I kept those papers. With ASUS in tablet mode, I can write poetry even while travelling or lazying around in my hammock.

5) Videos- Old songs, classics.. I long to watch them and see that era unfold. Sometime I hum few songs but often lost for lyrics. That is when this gadget will come handy. Ah Dandy! Women you rock!

6) Karaoke -Singing is another favorite and I have just discovered joys of Karaoke. One day I saw this app on playstore and wonder if I can download and use. With my ASUS, yes I would love too..I acn carry Karaoke anywhere.

7) facetalk- Or Skype that I was told. For me it is video chatting. I stay away from my children and often miss them. With Video chatting, I can see them and not just hear their voice. What else does a mother want than seeing her children happy? Well a lot of other things. For eg- when I was returning back from my son’s place last week, he was quite sad for me leaving. I can sense tears hidden inside his eyes that he bravely tried to disguise. All through my travel and my return, I missed seeing his lovely face.  Technology, let their be boon.

Well there’s a lot more think I have on things that I can do with ASUS which will keep me hooked. As of now, signing out. Ciao.



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