Blog Event: #DatewithDiamonds at Kama

Mumbai madness and gloss, never stops trying, never stop shining, never stop dazzling.

This summer I am having a good time at Mumbai attending bloggers table, blog meets, events, personal extravaganza, discovering a new way of shopping and much more. One beautiful thing that I discovered recently was Kama Jewelry.

It was a warm Sunday noon when I along with my daughter landed at our usual branded’s jeweler’s outlet to buy some stuff for her. I almost liked few designs there when my daughter asked me to hold the purchase. She received a #DateWithDiamonds invite from her friend Parimita at this lovely venue of Kama Boutique and Factory, Andheri East.

The date included a visit at their factory where the detailed process of jewelry making was entailed, followed by a “try and see” session at their in house lounge wherein the below piece of shining stones were engraved in beautiful formations of necklaces, ear drops and bracelets took everyone’s attention away. Here’s few glimpses from the collection-



Intricate designs, precise cuts, swings, flow, drops and attention to detail was indeed noteworthy. The collection signifies royalty and designed to celebrate the royal, festive, female in you that is just waiting in the offing to shine up and illuminate the world. Asscher, Emerald and cushion cut earmarked this new collection. My daughter called it- Poetry written with diamonds. I could not agree any less. It was indeed a “cut above the rest”.

I asked the name of the collection and they told me about this “Name it, Blog it Contest“. I thought of many names like Shreeya, Saroj, Neera, Srijana, Suhasi, Advita, Shresa, Preha, Kusuma and more. To which my daughter said- mom you are being old fashioned and need to be more contemporary for a range as glamorous as this, as classy yet modern as this. 


I quipped that we always associate Jewelry with tradition and beauty. However she insisted that name has to be unique. She asked- How about Kamagraphy? An abridged version of Karmagraphy, the new dance form coined worldwide basis the sensual moves. I nodded but was unsure. For beauty has no single word alone. Beauty is exquisite, beauty is serene and beauty is pristine and hence looks beautiful. After a lot of deliberations [and off course continuous interventions from Miss Haute Kutir] I like to call this collection-


Oons means love

What else than the love for quality, precision and craftsmanship could have devised these designs. It is love that makes women attracted to Diamond making them their best friends forever. It is love that makes a woman’s world go round. It is love that makes women want for big and bigger diamonds. It is the beauty of love and love for beauty that Kama indeed had while designing and crafting this collection. Not just that, seeing this collection makes you feel in “love”, over and over again. in love with Diamonds. hence I would like to name it “Oons” i.e. Love.

Apparently, my daughter too had “oons” with this collection and I could hear her adulation over them, over the phone to her Dad. Her birthday is round the corner and I could see a portion of my bank balance being transacted for this “oons” soon. Haha..why not. For I too love dressing up my daughter and adorning her with precious jewels. I am sure you too.

Well that was my #DateWithDiamonds. If you liked my post and the name that I gave to collection [I believe it is unique as daughter darling did research wrt her branding brains]- Do vote for my post here-

I look forward to your “love”. Stay connected with Quill and Quiver.



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