A Beautiful Food Riddle

Let’s play a food game, a food riddle basically but little Twisted.. I will ask you a set of riddle, one after other and they are inter related with each other. If you cracked the ingredient at Riddle no1, you will crack the recipe at Riddle no 2. So are you game?

Here we go…

The 1st riddle on Ingredient-

Engulfed and filled with pearls

I stand, swirl in the garden of beloved

Wrapped within green embrace

Could you guess it?

Aha, let me give you a clue…

Woohoo…wait, what is the hurry mate..here’s riddle no 2, on the dish…let us see if you can get it. If you can, it will tell you the answer for Riddle no 1 itself.

Dress me down and pour me water

hot and boil quickly on the altar

Glaze some lemon, blaze with lots of butter

Sprinkle some salt, to make me feel better

Hold me in your hands and sink inside me

Solve this riddle and name this dish


Holla my darlings! That was so simple. I know for sure that you all guessed when it came to butter. Now hold no more and let’s mutter..

Answer to Riddle no 1:- Corn

Answer to Riddle no 2- Corn on the Cob

Ummm I know that few of you would rolling your tongues on your lips in anticipation savoring the above especially in this rainy season. Well I know of a girl, who would also sprinkle lot of sugar. So enjoy the rains and enjoy your “Corn on the cob”. Wanna extend it to your friends? well serve it in the premium glassware range from Borosil and see the difference. It will indeed add “Chaar chand” to your dish


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