My Country Style Tea with Borosil

I am a teetotaler. I love my daily cup of tea and any number of cups are never enough for me. Ya, so sometime I drink it in glass 😛

Well, that was a pun intended. On a serious note, I love drinking tea and often like to drink them in different tumblers like cups, mugs, “kulhad” and glasses. Glasses always reminds me of that awesome “nukkad” tea that is served at the small shop nearby our house. Oh yes, they serve amazing “Samosas” with it too. Well, since I cannot go to that shop every time that I want to especially in rainy season and bright winter mornings. So I thought of bringing that joy of “country style” tea sipping at the comfort of my home. But how?

Simple! with my Borosil- Country style trendsetting tumbler, my joy of tea drinking doubles.  

Imagine the light cocoa color of tea pouring down the slender, wide silhouette glass of Borosil -Country. Cannot imagine as well as I could? Ok.. take a cup of clear water in a pan, add fresh scented tea leaf in it to simmer in that hot water, simmer and stir…stirr and simmer, leaving its golden, silky brown color in it. A dash of heavenly Cardmom, crushed and strewn inside. Add a dash of scenty ginger, chopped in small pieces and stir. Umm the aroma that it releases, wakes up my senses.. I am devoid of morning laze and with my fixed glaze at the boiling, aromatic water. The Golden water continues to charm.Time to add a new color in it. Time to add some more flavor in my morning tea, time to add some Basil leaves, crushed-releasing it’s aroma and mix in the water. Ah! It is therapeutic! Its soul is much filled with beautiful aroma, golden color and tempting outlook that I cannot wait to add some sweetness of crystal sugar and sip from the heavenly bowl. Here goes the sugar, the cube dissolves and now my magic potion is ready to be sipped, to be relished. I pour my almond color magic, carefully inside my “beautiful country tumbler” by Borosil and sieve away all residue.

Now there is nothing between my tea and me. lets bridge the gap. Let me stir my tea casually in my glass, let me bring it to my lips and sip. Ummmm heaven explored..Paradise gained. A Tea is such a beautiful thing, especially if it is served in right tumbler and served with right savories.

I relish my beautiful cup of tea with an assorted platter of Soft, fluffy, English muffins, Local “Khari”. dry fruits, some crispy rusk dunked in tea and savored through the teeth. Heaven! A Tea in clear, open, transparent glass/cup by Borosil is indeed a wonderful thing! Sip, Sip!




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