Experiencing the all new Duster AWD with Blogadda and HauteKutir

I received an invite from Blogadda team and my daughter for a test drive of the yet to be launched Renault “All Wheel Drive” Duster. I was in Pune and that is where the drive was expected to be flagged off. Initially I was not very sure of  it as I have left driving a four wheeler from many years but on behest of my daughter, blogger at numerounity and hautekutir, I relented. Apparently, Duster was on her “wishlist” and in her own words, she wanted me to experience it to help cement her decision. Besides, I have met and interacted with this lovely team of blogadda including Harish Krishna and Ankita, that I looked forward to meet them again.

So Pune, Courtyard by Marriott was the venue from where the “Convo” was flagged off. The convo was lead by a lead car from the team of Renault with multiple Duster AWD in between [driven by bloggers] and followed by a “Tail car” in the end to ensure that everyone remains in syns, unscathed.

We reached the hotel early morning by 7:00 am. The drive was about to start at 8:30 and we were seated in lobby along with other Pune bloggers while waiting for Mumbai bloggers to finish their breakfast in the adjacent banquet.  The hotel staff was courteous and offered us some coffee to kill the time and appetite till the race begins. Well the coffee could not guzzle the appetite for the beautiful drive that was about to come and the awesome weather made all the difference.

As soon as the drive flagged off, the lead car incharge explained us about the route and other instruction while driving the Duster. We soon proceeded to find cars with empty seats to accommodate us. Thankfully somebody agreed and offered us a back seat.

We went through the hilly roads of Lavassa [Yes that’s the place chosen to test drive the power of AWD], steepy, muddy, smooth, broken, curvaceous roads of Lavassa through a beautiful Valley. Here’s few pictures from the event-

The Car Renault AWD



Beginning of a great trip but before that, time for instructions



That’s our Car, Car No 2…Leading the pack


On the Roads of Pune


Leading the Convo…and experiences Galore…Check out the pictures of the beautiful drive way and one sturdy car that has not learnt to stop, not learnt to take defeat. Riders, take a bow! Renault AWD is in town





20140815095347 20140815095617

Inside the beautiful car…the dashboard and the steering wheels. I was at backseat and the pictures are taken from backseat.



20140815101143 20140815101424 20140815103743


Time for some selfies…some group pictures and expressions over the experience

20140815112106  20140815114153



DSC_0157 DSC_0167 DSC_0183 DSC_0173 

Here’s the breathtaking view of the beautiful Lavassa!


Here’s the New Duster admiring the landscape by the river after a long day of drive. Picture Courtesy: NDTV.com

Renault Duster AWD Review

To know more about the New and Upcoming Renault Duster AWD, do visit these links-

 Top Gear

Over Drive

Car Dekho

The overall experience was good and indeed fun. Thank you team Blogadda. Keep it up!


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