Healthy Child- Healthy Nation

I am a mother of three and when I say three, please read as 3 kids with absolute different habits, preferences and styles. I have brought up my kids with help from my husband and my mother who took my daughter with her, under her care for few years. Thank God for mothers and Thank you Mom, for helping one mother with this. It is after all you, from whom we have learnt the value of good home keeping, nutrition and child care.

Yes, I learnt a lot from my mother in terms of healthy living especially during the pregnancy, post delivery and all through out a child’s growing years. I truly believe that a healthy child makes a healthy home and a healthy home, helps building in a healthy nation. Every time I see a child not keeping healthy or battling illness especially due to malnutrition, it broke my heart. I always tried to be a good mother and inculcate good eating habits in my children and other children in vicinity, hence I started my own diet program for my kids wherein I ensured that-

1) Making children understand the importance of Balance meal and eat it on regular basis without much pressure.

2) Color pallette: All colors like green [leafy vegetables] yellow [citrus fruits] Red [Tomatoes, red vegetables] extra are present in my children’s daily diet

3) Home made junk food- My kids loved eating street food. Given the hygiene quotient, I always dreaded the thought but realized that since I cannot get my kids away from the junk food available in market, so why not bring the junk food to home recipes and serve it in healthy, hygienic proportion for my kids. Hence, I started making a lot if street food at home using filtered water, replacing white flour with wheat flour, using home made butter, lesser oil and the works. And guess what? It worked. My kids love my home made street style food in stead of the ones available in market.

4) Substitution: I have learned the” power of substitution” from my husband’ management books. He too advocates the idea strongly and had always been up for the challenge wherein we would deconstruct a particular recipe and infuse it with more healthy ingredients and redefine the taste. Like we made “Baked samosa” with sprouts and dry fruits filling served with aubergine/ garlic dip which my younglings loved immensely, Then we made “home made chowmein” using wheat and barley with vegetable sauce.

5) Daily dose of Multi vitamins and calcium

6) An apple a day to keep doctor and his needle away

7) The magic wand- A spoon of Chawanprash” with milk. It is a tried and tested formula from generations. And my family doted on dabur Chawanprash, If you do not know much about it, do visit-

There were certain more aspects that helped me in keeping my children’s health intact. A healthy child is always active and can take the hardships of the world by horns. So whether it was exams, contests, competitions, sports etc, my children remain ahead in the race. Well that’s what the boxes of trophies at home my certifies too 🙂

I still remember when my daughter fell sick and caught lung effusion. The bacteria and sickness in her body had dampened her down. The forever cheerful girl could barley sit up. That time it felt as if all the lights of world has suddenly got dim. Thanks to the healthy diet regime and proper medication augmented with love and care, she was healthy again. And with her good health, the cheerfulness in our house returned. Indeed a healthy child makes a home happy.


This post is written for Dabur Chawanprash– Happy Hours in association with Indiblogger


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