Relocation to Bangalore- Quicker with Quikr

I just finished with my morning chores when I heard my landline phone ringing. It was my son on the other side. My younger son called in to say that he would be travelling to Bangalore later this week and wanted to check if we wanted something from there. Now Bangalore was a special city for us. We went there way back in 80s during our South India Tour and then in mid 2000 when the daughter moved there to live her Six Sigma Dreams. There was a book shop I used to frequent there but could not recall the address. So told my son that if I want something, I will call him.

My son worked in HR divison of a MNC automobile major and had their company head office in Bangalore. He would often visit there for HO related work. This time it was for training. The worried me asked him if there is travel and stay arrangements made for him in Bangalore and if not, he can stay at a common friend, Mr Krishnan’s house. He smiled and said- Do not worry, it is an official trip and company would take care of stay etc.

He flew to Bangalore that week. Apparently during his visit, he was offered to move in to Bangalore Head Office in a higher role. My son had been looking for organizational and career growth from quite some time and that too in the same company. He loved his company and wanted to explore more opportunities within. He was however posted at Nashik and like he loved his company, he loved the Nashik city as well. When he called me up to discuss this offer proposed by his company, I was super excited but the thought of living his own house in Nashik and then moving to new city that too something like Bangalore which was way different from the city he was living in, culture he was accustomed to, including food and lifestyle, got me thinking. I remembered the huddle my daughter had to face when she relocated to Bangalore and soon had to relocate out from city owing to lack of social life there as much she was having it in other cities including Hyderabad. The son tried to settle my worries saying that things have changed and it was just an informal proposal. Once they start formalizing it, he will start connecting with his friends and colleagues for appropriate support with regard to his movement. He had to let the line go as his training program was restarting post the tea break.

I shared my conversation with the son to husband who was super excited to know this latest development. When I shared my apprehensions on relocation woes, pat came a reply from my husband- “Quikr hai na”.

He then switched off his TV and started the PC. He opened the Bangalore Quikr website and took me through the various options starting from Real estate to packers and movers, to services to Community and events. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the elaborate listing of different services across multiple categories at different areas of the city. It indeed was comprehensive and quite a huge data base. Besides, one can create “alerts” basis one’s requirement, absolutely free. Even you can post your ad on the website for free and menatime can search for similar listing all through a “easy to use”, easy to comprehend web interface.

“It would be tedious to log on to laptop all the time to check the details” my husband said. Now it was time for me to smile and show my “mobile” proficiency. I said- Your daughter is a telecom SME and you still asking this question? Haha.. Don’t you know, it is the age of “smartphones and apps”. I am sure there would be free mobile app too.

“I am impressed” he said. “Now tell me if there is an app to request a cup of tea from wifey dear” he asked mischievously. You know what I said? Well I said- Yes. And the app is called “Kitchen. So get up and take a “real time tour” to kitchen and brew one more cup of coffee for me. All this Bangalore discussion made me sip a cup of filter coffee. Please brew me a cup and please brew it “Quikr” 😉


It’s just Quikr in Bangalore!

If you were relocating to Bangalore, use to your advantage. For more details, log on to-


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