#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob in Indian Society?

I just finished with my daily chore

and sat down with a sandwich to devour

Pat came a sound from kitchen

It was from my son who was mud stricken

“I played in football with my friends

The field was mushy with rain soaked mud

I am now going to shower for the self soaking

Mummy can you do my laundry washing?

We have semi final match tomorrow

and I have only this jacket, none to borrow”

The dirt stricken shirt gave me shock

I hurried to wash room to get them soak.

When I was done with my cleaning

I returned back to table to finish the sipping

The tea was cold as ice

I left it on sink to brew another cuppa with clove and spice.

It wasn’t long when I brew it strong

Rang my doorbell, ding dong

The ironing man was on the gate

I wanted to finish my tea but albeit,

I got up to deliver him cloths to press

from trousers and shirts and some ladies dress.

and when back to my cup did I return

the tea got cold again

It is that time of the twilight zone

I got up to pick the cloths drying outside on string drone.

I need to fold them and keep inside wardrobe

Huh! my daily chore is never done

why do only women do all laundry and men have all fun?

Well, between brewing several cups of tea in an attempt to have a sip and run around doing the laundry of the home, I started wondering. Do women get a Sunday off? I mean why do women not get a Sunday off? Whole through the week, we slog off in office, family and household responsibilities and the weekend is no different. In stead it is ladden with even more “to do” list and laundry is one major thing. Thank God for washing machines in the world. Had they been not there, we women would have been lost. Yes I said- we women. It is a rarity that men do laundry. When they say- I do, what they meant is not laundry. No wonder even in the reality shows like Big Boss, you get to see glamorous and career oriented women like Karishma Tanna and Veena Malik doing the lingeries oops laundries of their men folks while being in love. That brings me to a simple yet humble question- #IsLaundryOnlyAWomen’ job? Am I the only person who feels that or is that a common perception all around. Well, I was not the only one and as per a report, stats says that-

More than 2/3rd of the Indian women feel that there is inequality at home, between men and women and 76% of Indian men feel its a woman’s job. Gosh!

77% of Indian men depend upon women for doing laundry

Strange! No wonder all soap ads are done by homely looking females dressed up in impeccably clean and shining cloths.


“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.”


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