Asus in Search of Incredible

I am looking to replace my existing big. bulky PC with a stylish, new one. The one that does not burn hole in my privy purse. I am the queen of my household you see.

Off late a lot of considerations are going around regarding which new PC shall we buy. Frankly speaking, I feel like I am done with those bulky concepts of PC and more comfortable with sleek devices like iPad and Tablets. However typing in those become a big pain and I need a round about oops an all rounder solution. Phew! That’s no simple task. I was surfing on net when a notification from Indiblogger popped in asking all members to go sleek with Asus.

Aha! Asus rings a bell, a harmonious bell indeed and I immediately logged in here- ASUS All In One PC ET2040. to check the details.

Now I am not a very technology savvy person and understand very few aspects of it. Some of them surrounds around form factor, speed, easy to use, cost and battery. In short, to sum up my computing need, I need something Simple, Versatile and Powerful.

This Asus All In one PC ET2040 seems to be a lot like what I want. So the features that I liked are-

1) Built in 1 hour UPS to prevent Data loss- as we face a huge power issue at our place and any back up is good as it help prevent data loss.

2) Another feature or rather say claim that I loved is that it is incredibly Fast and responsive.

3) Gesture Control for easy navigation and response for not so tech savvy people like me who finds it difficult to remember commands and controls. The Hush to Mute, Thumb to play, Wave to Flip and Fist to Volume makes a lot sense for elderly like us.

4) OS: Last time the new OS that I tried was the apple OS in my son’s MAcbook. Trust me it was painful for me to first understand Windows and then try Mac. I prefer windows anydays as I started learning on the same OS and have better understanding, ease of usage there, I liked the fact that this new device has Microsoft Windows OS.

5) Multiple ports- with three super speed ports, it helps recharging my phone battery as well. NOt just my phone, it can accommodate 2 more devices simultaneously.

6) It has detachable setting and the  monitor is not as bulky, so for me it means ease of space, movement and style..all in one.

So those were my favorite features of the ASUS all in one PC. Now waiting for the launch to try and see if the claim made matches the performance delivered. What say?


ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040.


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