Thou Shalt Not Pimple

A girl is little sugar, little spice

and all those things nice.

A girl could be anything

from brat to coy to drama queen

Thou shalt not crib

thou shalt not let your glow dim

Thou shalt not let

to dull your sparkle or steel your sheen

Thou shalt travel, and may wander

Crack a joke, make some life saving blunders

Thou Shall do everything

But Thou Shalt not Pimple

There are two things that girls are scared of. They are rats and pimples. They both invite the same response, invoke the same emotion. While you don’t like keeping one in your house, you would neither like to allow the other one to enter your face. And often you do anything to prevent it from coming. Why so? It is after all a skin aberration and often a lot of time part of growing up.  I keep telling my daughter who was prety cool about it and often complained rather- Mom why do I never have pimples? All my friends talk about having and I wonder, if am not normal to not have it while my teenage or adolescent years? Its’ a boon if you don’t have them, I often told her. Something that she realized later esp when she had pimple during her wedding time.

Clarity and purity

We are a country obsessed with fair skin. Further we move, we are fashion obsessed motley. We want everything perfect..aha that looks perfect. we are so conscious for the outer side that we do not realize that a lot of time, our outer beauty is reflection of our inner being. And no I am not talking about spirituality here but I am talking about physical well being.

Pimple and everyday life

Pimple takes a huge toll on your self confidence. Often you try to garb it behind make up and accessories but no matter how much you try hiding it, it continues to play on your mind, just like it did for Jasper. Here’s how.

Jasper and the little Pimple

Jaspar was a sweet girl in her early teens. Every Sunday, unlike a good christian, she would not go to church. She was not atheist but for her prayers meant- asking Santa for a good gift. One day it happened. Jaspar got a pimple. And then everything changed.

The party girl Jaspar became a solitary bird. She would rarely seen in public and if seen, there would be layers of scarf around her face/head.

She started wearing sunglasses almost the size of her face and some real big jeweler tying to hide her flustered cheeks. The charm of party became recluse. And then she met her nerdy geek friend Susana who was visiting the town during her University holidays.

Susana was astonished to see Jaspar behave so recluse. It was strange for he and hence she confronted Jaspar for a “girl to girl” chat wherein Jaspar told her about Jaspar’s growing pimple’s problem to the extent that if it does not stop, Jaspar would soon wear a mask to venture in public.

Needless to say Susana was appalled and asked Jaspar to bring her Vanity bag. Inside the bag, all Susana could find all sorts of make-up and cosmetics and the jazz. Where’s your skin care products? She asked.

Jaspar: Skin care? Oh I use only imported stuff and yes, there is this moisturizer that I use as base for make up. I have a good skin, why would I need skin care at this age?

Susana: Gosh! You need skin care at all ages. Indeed that’s why you are facing this problem. So much make up. NO cleanser, and what you use a soap to wash your face?

Jaspar: Yes, everyone in my family is using a soap but no pimple problem yet. Why me?

Susana: They are not using as much make up too. Anyways, take this and use it on your face daily. This shall protect you.

Jaspar: What’s this? and how will it help me?

Susana: It is Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash that is made with Neem extracts and Tea tree oil. This cleans extra oils, helps skin safeguard from pollution and clears pimple effectively. millions of girls in this country vouch by it. Use it and experience the difference

Jasper too the tube in her hand

Notwithstanding the urge, she used it immediately

a couple more usage and she could see clearly.

Her pimples were fast gone

her complexion looked clearer and shone

Henceforth, I will invest only in daily cleansing and care

time, energy and the money spend

Nothing beats a natural, healthy skin


she thanked Susana and called her God Send

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