Dry Baby, Happy Baby, Pamper Baby

There is no joy like taking your baby in your hand. Holding your baby and seeing it smile is a joy like no other. Your 9 months effort and pain seem to have vanished within seconds of seeing your love’s labor delivered. That moment you vow yourself to keep your baby happy and smiling always, no matter what.

As day passes, you get to know what kicks your baby’s happiness hormones and makes the baby happy. The sweet, silly and the fun things that your baby likes and add to the baby’s happy moments.

Pampers India cover

Well I have compiled a list of quite few things that my babies loved, things that made my babies happy. Here we go-

1) That little body massage session- Babies loved the morning and evening sessions when they used to get gently massaged using a baby oil. The exercise post massage especially the one where you criss cross their feet with their arm, made them giggle nonetheless.

2) Toys- When kids are small, you have to be very particular about the toys you give them to play. There are certain toys like rattle tattle which makes melodious noise, are quite loved by babies. My babies loved this colorful rattle tattle that my husband got from abroad. They were designed in small yet sturdy balls that would go round and make interesting sounds.

Other toys my babies loved was the one that had a small whistle inserted inside and when pressed, made noise. The baby would get excited to find the source and would show a happy, joyous face to make the parents melt down to their charm and take out the whistle and give to them..Haha it used to be really funny seeing their expression and the way they would entice charm and smile. Bliss!

3) Mother’s Feed- It is not an unknown fact that mother’s feed is the best for the babies. The time when a mother gives a feed to the baby, she and baby feel a special connect. Words cannot describe that but the lovely smile that the child exude post the feed would say it all. I still remember when my daughter was an infant, she would never cry for milk but will come close to me start smiling as if enticing me. It was lovely.

4) Clean diapers- One of the major reason behind a child’s woe is not just an empty stomach but a wet diaper. Kids cannot tell when they pee. In spite of towels and plastic sheet you bestow below their snuggly sheets, they would manage to mess everything and wet it up in pee, leading to body rashes and discomfort. When we were at home, we used only cotton diapers for them but when outside it becomes difficult. Thanks to pampers that comes as a bliss when you are travelling out with kids. Pampers absorb the moistness and ensure dryness on surface, making baby happy and fussfree and, mothers even happier seeing the happy baby.

I am leaving you with a beautiful video from pampers. Enjoy



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