#LookUp to brighter side of life

“Ghar Se masjid bahut door hai chalo lekin, ek rote huye bachche ko hasaya jaaye”

This is loosely translated as -The temple is quite far from home, so what, let us make a crying child happy and that will be a pilgrimage in itself.

Life is all about living. Isn’t it? Life is about living, giving, caring and sharing and never giving up on your dreams. NO matter the adversity, it is the strength of your dream that will sail you across, just keep the optimisms on. This is a lesson that learnt in my school and still follows. Sometime I tend to ignore this learning but it always comes back, proving itself. To substantiate that, I would like to share a story on a moment that filled me with optimism and hope for in future.

It was early 2000 when we have to leave our existing house and town and move to a new place and a new house in a distant state. Though the state where we were moving was the place I have earlier stayed in but leaving my current house, acquaintance and more importantly the beautiful garden that me and my husband nurtured, was making me fee even remorse. My husband was equally dejected as this movement came as a shock to him and a kind of “stab in back” from his trusted colleague who was his dear friend. But with heavy heart, he tried to assuage me by saying that we will have a bigger house and a bigger garden space in new place to make our new garden there.

I gave in to his pacification and set for the journey.

As we reached our new house, it was a big, beautiful bungalow made by the german designer with a huge lawn, kitchen garden and back garden. What I did not realize was that land was little barren and did not supported much plantation there in spite of the scenic beauty and space.

Hold on to your Good Faith and #Optimism sails

I remember my mother used to tell us the story of this ant who would carry the pieces of sugar on her back to her destination and would not stop until she is done. When the animals and insects do not give upon on hope, why should we? I concurred and reached out for some sugar cubes and sprinkled them near the ant hill as a treat and moved to my garage, picked up my gardening tools and a plant that I brought from previous house. I stepped at my garden, got the area well cleaned and then digged the soil, planted the flower and watered it. To protect it from any insects, I added some fertilizers and covered with a fence. I then stepped out looking for labor who can toil my garden. With the help of my husband, I called in few laborers who came and helped diging the garden. While digging they found some stones and boulders inside and helped remove them. I got the entire land watered and then began planting some easy to grow plants.

Everyday I would tend to my garden, water them up, fertilize them and worked in endless pursuit to turn them feom Barren to producing. It seems my efforts paid when one morning I got up to see small flowers and leafs coming at different plant. My heart felt with happiness and rejoice. And I stepped inside the garden to add more plants to it.

Today my garden is full of flowers and plants, so much that my neighbors started envying it and coming to me asking for plant saplings and tips. I felt like a proud mother of the plants and I cherish them so much. they are pone of the biggest asset of my house and a great source of joy for me.

This was my #LookUp Story, what is yours?




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