We are together in this journey

Family is all about being together, share joy and sorrows, tears and laughter. Often we are so deeply drone in our family affairs that we forget ourselves as individuals. Our duties takes over us and that vagabond joy that we once shared while we were young, in college, with friends, seem to fade some where. Your friends ends up becoming mere memories and your hobbies becomes a thing of past, non existent. Especially for a woman, who first lose herself and become a wife and with birth of child, a mother and reduces to that. The sense of duties becomes so strong that sense of individualism is lost totally. At such situation, you need a little nudge from life, a moment of time and some randomness doing nothing but snuggling up in a cosy conversation, a cup of tea. Yup a cup of tea, specially mad eby some one else, exclusively by you.

A Cup of Tea

I am a teetotaler. Teetotaler to such an extent that if I am sleeping and you ask me for a cuppa, I would promptly wake up and relish the same. As a mother, wife, daughter in law, aunty, sister in law and more, I was the one who made tea for everyone or rather say I ended up making tea for others. Rarely did anyone asked me to step back, offered me cup of tea and sat through a long conversation for long time, doing nothing but being self.

A Cup of Tea with Togetherness

They say- daughters are an extension of a mother. My daughter has a demanding work schedule that starts from 9 in the morning to 8 in the evening and often does not end even then. She would often come home with office work and would be busy on her phone, attending her work calls.

It was Wednesday morning when my daughter left for office without saying anything. She must be under work duress, I thought as i got back to doing some household work. Mom I will be late and please do not make dinner for me, was all she said and left.

Post lunch I resigned to bed for an afternoon siesta. It was quite a muggy day and did not realized that I slept for long. I was waken up my daughter’s voice, humming closely to my ear. “Tea time” my daughter quipped and laid forth a spread of some awesome looking brownies, cupcakes, savories along with a quirky looking tea kettle and 2 different looking glasses. What’s that? I asked.

“Cutting chai with cardmom and sumptuous english spread for a special evening, for a special mom” She quipped gleefully.I was surely surprised as I thought that my daughter told of coming late but came early and without me realizing did all this. She told me that she took half day, leaving the office dinner to be home and have a special chai with one of the most special person in her life. She poured tea in the street style glasses, handed me one and said- Cheers!

Cheers I said. As we chatted, time flew and we did not realize when it twilight and it was  night. We ordered pizza for dinner and danced on jazz music. yes Jazz music. That was my daughter’s idea to jazz up the jazz music. We do not know whether we successfully did that or no but the day indeed is one of the most memorable for me.

I may not have my own house but I indeed built my house with such beautiful memories.This post is written for https://housing.com/



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