Breakfast at “Guptaji’s” House

Hi there and welcome back to my blog.

By now you would have known that I am a home maker and mother of 3. Well actually you can very well say mother of 4 which includes my husband. And when i say- 4 kids, I also want to highlight the fact that all of them have different food habits and none of which matched other’s. For example- my husband loves Roti, sabji, dahi in breakfast wherein it is a “no-no” for my kids. My elder son likes stuff like- Parathas, Dosa. Younger son loves my hand made sandwiches, chowmein. And there is my daughter whose food changes basis her moods. One day she would love to have hot piping idlis with chutney. Another day, she wants Gram flour pancakes, and some days she will have an early morning craving for creamy pasta. So you can understand my woe as mother and wife, who need to make four different type of breakfast for four different members in my family.

To make the matter more difficult, last week my daughter brought a basket full of cornflakes box. When i questioned her, she said- it is Kelloggs mom. You know they are best and with so many varieties, I do not know which one to pick, so I picked all variants. Hush don’t tell anyone, there is a sale ongoing at foodmart.

Like daughter, like father. I did not finished wrapping the boxes and placing them at safe storage, I saw my husband coming in with packets that looked like grocery supplies. I was amused to see another set of boxes of cornflakes. before I could ask, my husband grinned and said- There was a good store sales at Foodmart and cornflakes are such a good healthy breakfast option. Lets eat only cornflakes for breakfast everyday. That will not just add to good health but also save you spend so much hour in kitchen.

Now with so many cornflakes box and a family that loves “a different taste” every day, it was indeed a challenge made tougher for me. While I experimented with oats, I did not knew any other way of serving cornflakes. I could see dark in front of my eyes. I rushed to living room and sat upon my sofa. To divert my tension and change the thought process, I started fumbling with my television remote in search of some respite on my usual cookery shows. It is then, this commercial invited my attention. Watch along-

Like you, I too was confused and did not know what is it about “Guptaji ka ghar” that everyone wants to come there for having “naashta”. I tried searching on google and landed on this beautiful facebook page- “Anaaj ka Naashta”.

Ummm it is what I was looking for. With more than 100 recipe made with Kelloggs’s cornflakes, this page was the answer that I was looking for. It did not just had some some interesting recipe but also promised good health and taste too. I explored few recipes like-

Nakhre wala Naashta

This seem so apt to me. The ingredients were all familiar and were readily available in my kitchen. With this recipe, i could bring together different nutrition as well. As more I explored, more I felt tempted. I started at pre-noon and now it is turning evening and still I could not stop drooling. This is so enticing that now, i myself want to visit “Guptaji’s family” and try all these savories with them oops breakfast. I so much loved the idea behind each recipe i.e. from “Jagah banane wala naashta” to “chup karane wala naashta” to “Movie wala Naashta“. I am hooked and want to know what more varieties of Naashta that Guptafamily has up on their sleeve and for that visiting their house has become must and enticing.

Come join me in this delectable and mouth watering feast for stomach and eyes.



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