Hear A Tiger Speak, Save The Indian Tigers

I was surfing the Internet and came across a blogpost- The Smartphone Tiger. Originally, I could not understand what a smartphone tiger can mean but as I read along, I was thrilled by the concept, the appeal and the write-up. Being a kitchen operating activist and a devotee of Goddess Durga, Tiger Conservation is a subject close to my heart. And I believe this should be a subject close to ever Indian and Global Citizen’s heart too.

Problem is not the current population of just 1100 plus tigers. The Problem is continuously diminishing numbers of the tigers. And even bigger problem is we, the citizen of this country who call Tigers as a symbol of our pride, our national animal, we are unable to save its breed. Imagine if you could hear what tigers speak? I am very sure the tiger would be expressing his grief over humankind who in spite of all senses, including the power of knowledge, power of speech, still could not understand the value of wildlife, co-existence and importance of tigers in the ecosystem

I must applaud Aircel’s initiative towards this direction. However, this initiative and their good-will will not mere suffice. It would need larger momentum. We must first understand nature or the cause behind the extinction of this wild variety to know it better and find the means to “save the tiger”.

Why save a Tiger?

Emotionally speaking, save a tiger like any other living being especially the one that is endangered. Tiger is our national animal, and if we do not care about our national animal, least we can do anything about anything else.

Tiger is one of the most iconic wild animal ever, is not just a symbol of pride but plays a focal role in our ecosystem and its sustenance. You must know that when animals at the top of food chain and at the bottom of food chain start to decline in numbers, it sends a wrong signal about the health & stability of the entire ecosystem. Tigers are umbrella species who constitute the top carnivores in the ecosystem and is at the apex of the food chain. Its conservation automatically ensures conservation of the large number of flora and fauna and the entire ecosystem. The removal of a top carnivore from an ecosystem can have an impact on the relative abundance of herbivore species within a guild. Along with other major carnivores as leopard it acts as a control mechanism for herbivores or consumers.

And Tourism is also attached to it. Need we say more?

Save The Tiger- The Action

1) Stop the Poaching- Tiger skin and products are much in demand. That and the “hunting as hobby” makes a large bait towards poaching of the tigers. The rules against poaching should be strict. As a citizen refrain from using Tiger products and discourage its use across. Just understand that Tigers are most beautiful living but totally a ruin if dead.

2) Stop deforestation- These days we often read ads saying- buy a house in the natural abode. How are these property builders bringing such natural abode? Simply by cutting the valuable forests and destroying the precious life in it.

3) Stop Rural Killing- Villagers living virtually near the forest proactively kills tigers for the worry of getting killed or loss of their cattle. Believe if there is sufficient forest space, it will breed good nos of wild and the tiger need not have to come out from wild and become man-eater. You can confine them inside forest, draw adequate fence near your habitation.

There is a lot that we as a human can do to save tigers. It all starts with a good thought. So be mindful of other living beings and think about it. I would love to see you being a part of this campaign.


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