Five Things to keep Babies Skin Soft

I truly believe that when a child is born, a mother is born too. The mother who wants to protect her child from all the harshness and struggles of the world. She makes a cocoon of her arms where the child rests, close to her bosom. From oil to food to clothes, she does every thing, every thing in nest possible manner to keep the child safe, warm, loved and comfortable.

Even if you are not a mother, a child’ innocence makes you extremely responsible towards and you try to do every possible thing to keep the baby soft and happy. Nobody likes a wailing child, even if its not their baby. A child cries primarily for two reasons-

  1. When Hungry
  2. When Uncomfortable

The uncomforted-ness largely comes from the rashes that hurts the soft skin of the child. Yes, the skin of a child that is softest that you ever wonder how to help it retain as soft as it is. So here’s 5 different ways that we going to discuss to keep the child’s skin soft.

Mild Baby Products- From the talc to soap to cream to hair shampoo, ensure that you are using a natural based products made exclusively for baby skin. Try and use milk based products made at your kitchen in lieu of artificial products sold in market. For example- Use of milk and bread to give baby a mild bath.

Clean, cotton cloths- Babies have tendencies to spill eve4ry thing on them including the milk and water. A lot of times they are spilled from a bib to their cloths and form residue that hurts child. Ensure that you change their cloths as and when required

Using right Diaper- A lot of diapers have tendencies to cause rash due to continuous usage. Check the brand and invest in right kind of diapers. If required cotton nappies at home

Right Bathing Rituals- Give them a good oil massage before the bath and check for right water temperature. Use lukewarm water for bathing and do not have delayed, long bath even if baby wants to play.

Nourishment- A lot of skin glow comes from within and the food is an essential part of it. Ensure that baby is fed adequately and timely. Water is also important to keep them hydrated.

Well these were few of our tips. Do share your tips that are #SoftestForBabySkin

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