Say All Out to Dengue from your Family

All out the Dengue from your family

You know the most dreaded word that is scaring a lot of mothers these days? Well it’s not  nor ban but it is- Dengue.

I am a mother, a wife, a custodian of my family’ well being and health. In short, I am a watch guard for my family. As a mother my responsibility is not to just feed my family well but I have an important role to play in safeguarding their health too.

Every time I switch on the news channel, there is one or the other Dengue casualty that is being reported by news channels. It hurts to see a child suffering from any ailment and seeing a child losing life breaks my heart completely. We mothers do not bear and raise a child to see them suffering. Neither our own children nor anyone else’s. And Dengue is not a rocket science.

What is Dengue- Dengue is a Flu-Like an illness that starts with fever, body ache and results in loss of appetite, weakness and more including death. Dengue needs immediate hospitalization. Children given their immunity level are more vulnerable to this disease.

Come on we can join hands and fight Dengue. How? Well, prevention is always better than cure. Here’s sharing few tips that will help you protect yourself, your friends and your family especially children from the risk of dreaded Dengue-


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So if you are a mother, you must follow all of the above to safeguard your child from Dengue and harbour a healthy home. It is not just we mothers, but thousands of people who have taken to this cause including Payal, a 12-year-old little girl from Jaipur has taken up to this cause in an association with All Out. Log in to – to know more about #AllOutForPayal. You can also check the TVC here at-

Like Payal, If you too want to pledge for this cause, call the toll free number at 1800 180181818 and show your support to fight Dengue now.

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