Ready to Go with Datsun redi GO?

I asked myself a question- what is important in life? The journey or the destination. Answer came- both! Oh that wasn’t surprising at all. I tried to interrogate myself a little more. I asked- what takes longer? The heart said “it should be destination” but the mind had given me a mild jolt of practicality and I quipped- It is the Journey, My lord!

I did not got myself further dueled in the quest of journey v/s destination. I could not stop asking my mind that what makes a good journey.

“It is Fun, Freedom and confidence” quipped an echo. An echo? well, yes the mind and the heart unanimously answered this one.

My entangle with thoughts on journey v/.s destination were broken by my little grand daughter who was pulling my dupatta as if bringing out of my internal debate and reminding me of the good old trip to the doll market. She was holding the car keys in her hand and looking furtively at me. I almost forgot the much promised trip and immediately took her hands in mine and we both walked to our car. She loved sitting in the front seat and insisted that I drive. I happily obliged her and we set on the road to the doll market

While we were on the way, she opened the dashboard to find this Datsun India printed book there and asked me why I have kept there. When I told her that I intend to buy a new car, she was elated and asked what do I look when buying a car and why I want to buy Datson redi-GO.

I told her about the top 3 features that appealed to me. they are-

  1. Opti view– it gives a wider view of the road and the surroundings. It promises to have best in class visibility with higher eye points. A must have for people like me as it inculcates a better vision and more confidence in the high streets of city like Kolkata
  2. Superior suspension system: This Japanese design claims to have technologically superior H shaped torsion beam with double pivot arms that gives high stability and cornering performance. In simple words, while driving, the body is supported at more points, hence better handling and more comfort. That also means- freedom from road jerks and fear of straining.
  3. Fuel Economy: Off course, the fuel is such a scarce resource and we shall all use it cautiously and with conscience. While, we practice austerity, we need to be inclusive of our children and family’s needs especially the grandchildren who love exploring the world with their little eyes and curious minds. The new Datsun redi-GO offers an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/litre. That means more often visits to Doll markets, Zoos and other places of my munchkin’s interests 🙂 Thank you 700cc engine to bring more smiles per mile and FUN in to our trips.

“Oh granny, you are so adorable” said my little one and hugged me. She seemed to have liked the color and the honeycomb design of the new redi-GO. She promised to get early in the morning for her school if we get this car. Now I wonder, if that is a Perk or bribe? Haha never mind.


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


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