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There is a silent killer in your house, beware!

It is Called Indoor Pollution and it is 5 Times higher than the Outdoor Pollution!

It has the ability to affect your health, body and cause you various diesease like Flu, Cough and Cold, allergies, Asthama, nausea and even infertility!

What The…Pollutant!


Hell Yes!


Well, NO!


Not Actually!

So, Do tell me more!

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Indoor Pollution

It refers to the contamination in air inside our house, commercial buildings like workplace, restaurants etc. Any space that has close confines and airtight designs, is prone to fall prey.  Not that structures invites it on their own. This happens largely due to our/human negligence towards healthy and natural living, and our growing dependance on AC and other Lifestyle related disorders.

The indoor pollution consists of harmful presence of physical, chemical and biological substances in the air including odours, chemical fumes and other fumes.

Oh no! Looks like a warfare, attacking from all the sides!

Yeah! But You have enough tools to combat

Oh I would like to nip it at the bud!

Oh bud! That gives me some ideas…But before, I must tell you more about the Indoor Pollutants.

Types of Indoor Pollutants

You may not believe but all these causes an alarming environmental threat. they are-

  • Dust, molds, pollens, dust mites,
  • carbon monoxide
  • Radon
  • Odours
  • pet dander
  • bacteria and viruses
  • Household cleaners
  • exhaust n fumes
  • smoke
  • pesticides
  • Lead & Asbestos


Image result for indoor pollutionTop causes of Indoor Pollutions

  1. Fumes during cooking in kitchen
  2. Excessive chemical detergents and other cleaning agents
  3. Unhygienic living
  4. Not taking good care of Pets
  5. Lack of Fresh Air circulation
  6. Too many artificial substances like carpets
  7. Too Many Formaldehydes
  8. Wet Upholestry, unclean carpets

Did you said Pets? But I Love pets! How can those innocent creatures cause pollution?

If you take your pup out for a ride

and let them play on dirt and grime

dogs do not wear shoes

and their paws gets dirty.

Dirty paws can bring lots of germs and bacterias that are filthy.

You must own a pet

You must take them out for a ride

but you must also clean them well

before you take them inside!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

What man, what house and what dogs!

Tips to Fight Indoor Pollutants

A stitch at times saves nine. Hence, you need to tend to these issues right from start. Remember-

“One small step of Man was a giant leap for mankind” Neil Armstrong

You can take small steps towards safety from Indore Pollution like-

  1. Keep your house well-ventilated
  2. It is time to use right electronical equipments for right purposes and avoid excessive usage of any.
  3. Clean every nook and corner on regular intervals
  4. Invest in good wall paint that can absorb the moisture and prevent formation of any moulds- one of the largest indoor pollutant.

Talking about the paint, I was reminded of this smashing new ad by Asian Paints featuring Deepika Padukone. Have you the ad? If not, watch now!

So, the Paint sounds interesting? Why not, it offers quite a health benefit. To know more about these paints, visit their website: https://www.asianpaints.com/atmos.


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