Red Hot Fashion For this Valentine’s Day

Wondering what to wear this Valentine’s day? Well if you are bold and love Red, we have something for you in store. So if you love-

  • wearing Red?
  • Traditional Over Western Outfit
  • Looking to shop for V day
  • Wanna try new designers

Then you must check out “Malasa”. Malasa, a designer label by Jyoti and Nimrit Gill that has created some stunning Indian outfits with contemporary designs exclusively for this Valentin’e Day.

Red is the color of love, passion and femininity. If you want give a nice desi touch to your date outfit this VDay, check this Out-

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The Red Collection: Women loves Red whether it is a Red Lipstick, Red Clutch, Rd shoes and more. For Dresses, get magnificent red anarkalis, kurtis, lehengas, churidar from Malasa to add some more glamour to your collection. The distinct golden works on the silhouettes are a masterpiece that you should not miss on.

Displaying DY4A7257s.jpg“Red is a bright colour and it is the colour of a new beginning. Let this Valentine’s Day add some more brightness to your love life and you look the best with a classy yet modern Indian outfit. Surprise your partner by wearing something ethnic from Malasa for your date”. Jyoti and Nimrit Gill

Malasa is available at various stores across India including Oggan, New Delhi

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The Beautiful Mother


Credit- Caroline Knopf

She is a woman

who traveled miles,

created milestones

nurtured the path she tread in.

And as she attains her greys

she continues to walk.

and explore the beautiful nature trails.

The sea awaits her

the sea awaits to touch her feet.

and get her blessings.

She is the mother, the woman,

the one who reared and nurture.

She is the nature, Mother Nature


Thank you MagpieTales for this beautiful picture prompt!


War and Peace

War and Peace

two faces of the same coin

called humanity

or lack of it.

War and peace

took many lives,

in the name of timocracy

absently need.


Picture Prompt by Magpie tales

two faces of same coin


and lack of it.

Say All Out to Dengue from your Family

All out the Dengue from your family

You know the most dreaded word that is scaring a lot of mothers these days? Well it’s not  nor ban but it is- Dengue.

I am a mother, a wife, a custodian of my family’ well being and health. In short, I am a watch guard for my family. As a mother my responsibility is not to just feed my family well but I have an important role to play in safeguarding their health too.

Every time I switch on the news channel, there is one or the other Dengue casualty that is being reported by news channels. It hurts to see a child suffering from any ailment and seeing a child losing life breaks my heart completely. We mothers do not bear and raise a child to see them suffering. Neither our own children nor anyone else’s. And Dengue is not a rocket science.

What is Dengue- Dengue is a Flu-Like an illness that starts with fever, body ache and results in loss of appetite, weakness and more including death. Dengue needs immediate hospitalization. Children given their immunity level are more vulnerable to this disease.

Come on we can join hands and fight Dengue. How? Well, prevention is always better than cure. Here’s sharing few tips that will help you protect yourself, your friends and your family especially children from the risk of dreaded Dengue-


3 1

So if you are a mother, you must follow all of the above to safeguard your child from Dengue and harbour a healthy home. It is not just we mothers, but thousands of people who have taken to this cause including Payal, a 12-year-old little girl from Jaipur has taken up to this cause in an association with All Out. Log in to – to know more about #AllOutForPayal. You can also check the TVC here at-

Like Payal, If you too want to pledge for this cause, call the toll free number at 1800 180181818 and show your support to fight Dengue now.

Quill and Quiver Writes

Five Things to keep Babies Skin Soft

I truly believe that when a child is born, a mother is born too. The mother who wants to protect her child from all the harshness and struggles of the world. She makes a cocoon of her arms where the child rests, close to her bosom. From oil to food to clothes, she does every thing, every thing in nest possible manner to keep the child safe, warm, loved and comfortable.

Even if you are not a mother, a child’ innocence makes you extremely responsible towards and you try to do every possible thing to keep the baby soft and happy. Nobody likes a wailing child, even if its not their baby. A child cries primarily for two reasons-

  1. When Hungry
  2. When Uncomfortable

The uncomforted-ness largely comes from the rashes that hurts the soft skin of the child. Yes, the skin of a child that is softest that you ever wonder how to help it retain as soft as it is. So here’s 5 different ways that we going to discuss to keep the child’s skin soft.

Mild Baby Products- From the talc to soap to cream to hair shampoo, ensure that you are using a natural based products made exclusively for baby skin. Try and use milk based products made at your kitchen in lieu of artificial products sold in market. For example- Use of milk and bread to give baby a mild bath.

Clean, cotton cloths- Babies have tendencies to spill eve4ry thing on them including the milk and water. A lot of times they are spilled from a bib to their cloths and form residue that hurts child. Ensure that you change their cloths as and when required

Using right Diaper- A lot of diapers have tendencies to cause rash due to continuous usage. Check the brand and invest in right kind of diapers. If required cotton nappies at home

Right Bathing Rituals- Give them a good oil massage before the bath and check for right water temperature. Use lukewarm water for bathing and do not have delayed, long bath even if baby wants to play.

Nourishment- A lot of skin glow comes from within and the food is an essential part of it. Ensure that baby is fed adequately and timely. Water is also important to keep them hydrated.

Well these were few of our tips. Do share your tips that are #SoftestForBabySkin

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Hear A Tiger Speak, Save The Indian Tigers

I was surfing the Internet and came across a blogpost- The Smartphone Tiger. Originally, I could not understand what a smartphone tiger can mean but as I read along, I was thrilled by the concept, the appeal and the write-up. Being a kitchen operating activist and a devotee of Goddess Durga, Tiger Conservation is a subject close to my heart. And I believe this should be a subject close to ever Indian and Global Citizen’s heart too.

Problem is not the current population of just 1100 plus tigers. The Problem is continuously diminishing numbers of the tigers. And even bigger problem is we, the citizen of this country who call Tigers as a symbol of our pride, our national animal, we are unable to save its breed. Imagine if you could hear what tigers speak? I am very sure the tiger would be expressing his grief over humankind who in spite of all senses, including the power of knowledge, power of speech, still could not understand the value of wildlife, co-existence and importance of tigers in the ecosystem

I must applaud Aircel’s initiative towards this direction. However, this initiative and their good-will will not mere suffice. It would need larger momentum. We must first understand nature or the cause behind the extinction of this wild variety to know it better and find the means to “save the tiger”.

Why save a Tiger?

Emotionally speaking, save a tiger like any other living being especially the one that is endangered. Tiger is our national animal, and if we do not care about our national animal, least we can do anything about anything else.

Tiger is one of the most iconic wild animal ever, is not just a symbol of pride but plays a focal role in our ecosystem and its sustenance. You must know that when animals at the top of food chain and at the bottom of food chain start to decline in numbers, it sends a wrong signal about the health & stability of the entire ecosystem. Tigers are umbrella species who constitute the top carnivores in the ecosystem and is at the apex of the food chain. Its conservation automatically ensures conservation of the large number of flora and fauna and the entire ecosystem. The removal of a top carnivore from an ecosystem can have an impact on the relative abundance of herbivore species within a guild. Along with other major carnivores as leopard it acts as a control mechanism for herbivores or consumers.

And Tourism is also attached to it. Need we say more?

Save The Tiger- The Action

1) Stop the Poaching- Tiger skin and products are much in demand. That and the “hunting as hobby” makes a large bait towards poaching of the tigers. The rules against poaching should be strict. As a citizen refrain from using Tiger products and discourage its use across. Just understand that Tigers are most beautiful living but totally a ruin if dead.

2) Stop deforestation- These days we often read ads saying- buy a house in the natural abode. How are these property builders bringing such natural abode? Simply by cutting the valuable forests and destroying the precious life in it.

3) Stop Rural Killing- Villagers living virtually near the forest proactively kills tigers for the worry of getting killed or loss of their cattle. Believe if there is sufficient forest space, it will breed good nos of wild and the tiger need not have to come out from wild and become man-eater. You can confine them inside forest, draw adequate fence near your habitation.

There is a lot that we as a human can do to save tigers. It all starts with a good thought. So be mindful of other living beings and think about it. I would love to see you being a part of this campaign.