Catch Up On Your Child’s Lost Growth with Horlicks Growth+

Children and Nutrition

Being a mother of three children with three different personality traits, choices and taste was not easy. It is still not easy though even they have grown up to adults. However, as a mother I felt responsible and very concerned with their upbringing and nutrition at the initial age when they were kids and on the growth path.

My biggest concern was their food. As food plays the primal most role in adding nutrition which aides in a child’s well-being and proper growth. Husband and I were very attached to kids and like any parents, we wanted nothing but the best and the unique for kids. Whether it was toys, cloths, chocolates, we bought the best thing from around the world for them. Our children were growing and growing very organically, thanks to our due diligence¬†with regard to their food, exercises and all. However, there comes a period when feeding a child becomes a strenuous task no thanks to their new found habits or non tolerance to a large coupe of food from the balanced diet. My sons would abhor green leafy vegetable and would want only potatoes in their vegetable.

As kids it worked for them as they were high on energy and on proper growth path. I was more concerned about their future or teenage as I wanted to prepare my kids with good nutrition that will help them combat the ever increasing pressure of education, physical requirements of daily life including sports etc and unavoidable competition.

Educating your child beyond ABC

Our children thankfully were good at their academics and were loved by their teachers and friends. However, their lack of dietary inclination worried me a lot. They would refuse to eat regular meals including the milk. This new found taste bud left me deeply concerned and I would not like to nag them either. Our insistence for food often fall deaf on their ear until one day when my little one came from his Kindergarten little sad and shocked.

Apparently, one of his friend who was chubby and cute as hell, fell down during the race and was mocked by other children as “baby elephant rolls like football”. The boy was in tears and seeing him crying, my little one was very sad. He refused to have his post school meal as he feared if too would eat a lot and become fatty like his friend. I was amused at his observation and felt it was the time to educate him beyond ABC, educate him deeply about nutrition.

Activity of the Day- Importance of Growth in Children

We have built a small activity room for our kids in the house wherein there was a whiteboard and charts included for some home based training. The room also had this growth chart-



I called my son and his friend and asked them to stand one by one and check if they are growing to right length with the age they are in. I also explained them how they can still catch up on their lost growth by eating/ drinking power food that can power pack their growth. And if they do not catch up on lost growth then they may have to face-

  1. Energy loss
  2. Weakness
  3. Inadequate height and body weight
  4. Difficulties in studies and sports
  5. Poor Personality
  6. Peer Mockery

My teaching did the trick and both the boys vowed to start eating proper food and work upon their growth. Hmph! and you think teaching children on nutrition is so tough? Hmph!


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