Romance The World, Travel!


Have you ever fallen in love? with the world?

The world awaits you, to unravel its mystery and discover the glory. Spread your arms and embrace the beauty!

The Unplanned Trip of An Empty Nest

Traveling is fun. Often we plan our trips, sometimes, we just travel, unplanned. It is not about the length or the breadth but happiness per mile. One such journey is taking a road trip.

A wild, cold, winter morning where the clouds filled the sky with white translucent mist. Or a rainy morning where sky pours its love in form of the rains. Aren’t they enticing enough? To move out of your comfortable blankets, take a plunge to unravel an experience that you know nothing about it.

And the ever inviting country road, the lush green meadows and a jest to explore more about the neighbouring hinterland, took us to an unplanned road trip to the nearby areas. We planned nothing, absolutely nothing. The objective was to just relish our good ol’ Young days and go around from the normal rut of life.

After all, who said- Oldies can’t have fun?

Oldies Can have fun Too

Forget boys and girls, even the Old people can have some fun exploring the world. What if its not at an exotic foreign locales [we preferred to spend our savings on our children’s well-being than the travel], there’s a lot to explore nearby.

Children get busy in their own lives, their family and careers. We have done our time waiting for them. And then we saw this amazing video that inspired us-

We are now on our own trip. Yippee!

The Road Trip to Unknown and Back

We have always heard about this dam- Aswali Dam at Dahanu Road. So we got our picnic basket ready with fruits, chips and all sort of food, water and some mats. Took the car on rent and geared through the place. We chose an early morning time to evade the traffic and see the natural beauty in all its morning glory.


Breakfast was impromptu, on the way. We spotted an Udipi restaurant on way and stopped to try some local cuisines like Bhakarwadi, Misal Pav and more. You know travel is not just about sight-seeing but it is about food as well. and what better than exploring local cuisine bearing authentic local taste.

The quick break took a little long but hey, who’s in hurry? There is always a space for a tall glass of Lassi and some yoghurt based moustaches. And hey lo its done!


Now time for the next lap of the journey. And what is it? we do not know. As we sat in our car and switched on the radio, the station was playing- Country roads take us to the home.

Pump up the volume, said Missus and here we go. Roar.


It took us sometime, a little more than what the maps suggested but who cares as we have found many places to take interesting pictures. We took the pictures of floras and faunas and even that little grasshopper. Cute no?

images (1)

The dam was beautiful, calm and serene. We loved the sound of the flowing water at the gigantic dam. It was a good experience


Here’s our Travel checklist-

  1. Embarking on an unplanned trip – Done
  2. Going by the Road- Done
  3. Trying Local cuisine at Highway- Done
  4. Visiting a place never planned or visited before- Done
  5. Stopping by to smell some flowers and breath some fresh air- Done
  6. Clicking selfie at tourist point- done
  7. Picking up a flower from a local push- Done
  8. Trying out a new selfie stick- done
  9. Plans to explore the world- Work In progress


#TheBlindList Travel

Here’s to all the people who think travel is a painful planning exercise. Planning a travel may be a painful activity but if harp less on a perfect plan and concentrate more on exploration, you are in for surprises. Say yes to the unknown and rediscover your blind love for the world.

Thanks Indiblogger and Lufthansa to inspire me/us to write this post.

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