With TRESemme Age is just a number..

When Indiblogger in association with TRESemme invited bloggers to review latter’s new range of “Split Remedy”, could not wait and applied for it. For I have used their “Frizz Control” product earlier and liked the products. It was another story that my sample was lost during courier and I have ended up trying using my daughter’s samples. Umm it indeed is “Saloon Jaise baal” [Hair like Saloon treated]

So when my hair had this rendezvous with TRESemme “Split remedy” range, sparks flied. 

I always had this long, dark, silky hairs. In fact when my husband came for “meet the girl, meet the family” thing, he said he was floored by the way I looked and my silky long tresses, quintessential of every black and white heroine singing Lata Mangeshkar song those days. “MEin ban ke chidiya, van van mein doloon re” types. Times flied, with age, children, stress and other debilitating factors, I started loosing a lot of my hair and the balance were on some race to self destruction. Off course, my hair color added more adversary fuel to it. 

Split ends were inevitable and the only cure that worked out was- regular trimming. honestly, it is a healthy option but you can go upto limit trimming your hair, chopping it further. And my husband and family never liked short hair and they often related it to my ageing and lack of care.

” The two ends of my hair reminded me of the conflicting egos of my 2 children, brother and sister, who are though part of same single strand [mother], going in different directions, making the hair rough and “negatively charged”. Ah! My heart sinks to snip them both.

I turned 60 last March and gave up on my hair owing to the factor that it’s a bane with my age and I have to live with it. Anyways, who notices the hair of a 60 year old woman who is no politician, no celebrity indeed.

Regular trimming was another far off choice. If only hair grow with the same speed as we snip them. Alas! They don’t. So when I saw split remedy range, I relented. 

TRESemme believes that your hair should have beautiful ends, and that endings should never be cut short

My experience with TRESemme Split Remedy- I have been using the shampoo and conditioner from last 3-4 weeks and must say that with every wash, the hair feels better. The feeling/difference was “not One time impact” but “perfected with every wash”. Here’s few pros and cons about the product-

1) The shampoo is light and mildly fragranced, a desirable trait in skin care products

2) The texture of shampoo and conditioner is very smooth and doesn’t look too laden with chemicals.

3) It leathers fast and easy to rinse off.

4) The post wash effect lasts for at least 2-3 days.

5) Visibly reduction in split ends, in fact the strands look more smooth and manageable now.

6) The hair is smooth and soft


Cannot think of any. 

Product Dynamics– The product comes in easy to flip open and close, black and white containers. Available in many sizes they are prized in range of Rs 175 for 215ml. Unlike many other saloon professional range, this is more economical.

Availability- The shampoo is available at all retail/wholesale outlets including Nykaa.com.

To say that TRESemme helped me gain back my lost confidence will be an overrated statement. However, truth is that the product has helped me gain my confidence on hair care range for split ends. They work! At least TRESemme works. 

While TRESemme may not have helped me solve my issues for hairfall and greying, it certainly does, what it promises- recovering split ends.

To cut long story short, I need not have to cut my long hairs short. All I have to do is to change my shampoo. Yeah! for special problems, we indeed need special solutions. Don’t we? Go for it, one bottle is actually cheaper than 1 session of trimming in saloon. So book your appointment with TRESemme every week, twice at least and see the difference.

While at 60, what if my hairs are not as thick as long as what they used be when I was 16. Off course. At least they are free from split ends. 

Thank you.

Suman Khetan

60, Home maker, Mother of 3 adults

Loves to Take Stress; Loves to color her hair

and thinks, age is just a number.


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